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Crown Heights Shomrim Members On Trial Vindicated

chshomrim.gif4:30PM EST: Crown Heights – Today the six Shomrim members standing on trial for have been vindicated. All of the major charges against them either being dropped or found not guilty by unanimous verdict.

Last week when the prosecution rested and concluded their case, the judge dismissed all the charges relating to the allegations about weapons being used as well as the gang assault charges, were dismissed by default for failure to present enough evidence.

The one charge that was found guilty against one of the Shomrim volunteers was for assault in the 3rd degree, which baffled all those present in the courtroom as well as the co-defendants and lawyers.

Upon exiting the jurors were polled as to the reasons behind their findings, the answer came quick that none of the witnesses sounded like they were telling the truth.

Defense council said that it was clear that any attack by Shomrim was out of self defense and that an appeal is forthcoming.

“This is not a Didan Notzach and Shomrim is not celebrating this verdict” said a spokesperson for the group, adding “we are devastated that our fellow volunteer and friend has been found guilty of this Messira and blood liable. Let us not forget we still have the $150 million lawsuit against us.”

On a more positive note Shomrim said “we were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow for anyone that calls on us.”

(Source: / YWN-107)

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  1. “none of the witnesses sounded like they were not telling the truth.”
    Huh? Maybe fix the double negative so that sentence makes sense.

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