Is Senate Leader Harry Reid A Racist? Plus, Gov. Paterson vs. The Legislature!


GFN2.jpgThis Week: Is Senate Leader Harry Reid A Racist? Plus, Gov. Paterson vs. the Legislature!


Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – you can ask David G. Greenfield, Esq. any political question you have! It’s simple, ask your political question in the comments section and listen each week for your answer. Our editors will select the top three questions each week for a response.


David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State. David is also an experienced attorney and a renowned community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS. TEACH NYS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis.

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  1. if you get elected to the counsel seat will you change garbage pick up on shabbos in boro park
    it looks awful on shabbas you cannot pass on the sidewalks – in the summer terrible smell and all the garbage cans are being thrown around all over after pick up and for people that dont carry on shabbos it cannot even be moved
    it would be an oneg shabbos if could be picked up on friday and pick up should be in a non jewish neighborhood pls comment thanks

  2. Sorry Just Looking,

    Beleive it or not, it was us who got to to be on Shabbos. The reason for that is so there is less traffic on regular days that we drive around on.

    So pick your choice, messy pails, or huge traffic jams.

  3. Dear Yeshiva World.

    With all due respect, if Mr. Greenfield is an announced candidate, I don’t think its right that you should give him a platform. It is common U.S. policy that when one runs for office, he resigns temporarily from being on the airwaves or getting the publicity from web sites as yours. Thank you. After the election put him back on whether he wins or loses

  4. #3 has a point & agree with him.

    I’m just wondering if he will introduce (even thogh in this liberal town it will never pass) tuition voucher program in the NYC Council?

  5. David

    Your show is great ,when will it be live so People can call in ,and the show should be longer in order to cover all the issues of the weeks

    Keep it up

  6. I agree with #3 after David gets defeated in the election he should come back on YWN! Then David can be the loser of the week! Good Shabbos every1!

  7. I understand the arguments presented here. I believe that if Greenfield were able to stay away from issues related to his race then that would be one story. However, we all know that as the race comes closer and closer that is going to be next to impossible. YWN is a privately owned site though and is certainly entitled to support any candidate they like, however it does hurt the appearance of neutrality in journalism.

  8. @5, do you have any idea what BP is like in the morning? The amount of school buses that clog the streets already?

    If you wanted Garbage pickup durring the week, it would have to be between 10-11am only. After the buses are gone, but before the shoppers wake up. No way to get it done it just 1 hour.