PHOTOS & VIDEO: Pirchei Shoshanim Smicha Test


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[VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS BELOW] Sixteen professionals from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia traveled to Eretz Yisrael for Pirchei Shoshnim’s final smicha test.

They joined Pirchei Shoshanim’s Shulchan Aruch Project between two and three years ago and have been receiving weekly lessons online since, which they study at their own time and pace.

The group spent an uplifting Shabbos together in the Old City, during which shiurim to review the program were delivered. On Sunday they took a ten hour exam, followed on Monday by a semichah ceremony at the Kosel, where semichah was conferred on each of the graduates.

(Credits: Refael Ovadia / Kuvien Images)

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(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. The shiurim are twice weekly, and while technically you could go slower than the shiurim, the idea is to keep pace with the twice weekly shiurim. During that time the talmidim both call and email the rebbeim of the shiurim every week. There are also numerous tests throughout the process prior to the final exam. The people taking the final exam are ones who have passed the preliminary exams and whom the rebbeim have given a green light to their taking the final exam, which is why it is not unusual that everyone passed. However the exams are quite difficult, and like anything else, many people start but do not finish.