The Great Debate – Lazar vs. Greenfield – Exclusive Recap!


We at YWN asked a key askan from the community, who is staying neutral in the race for city council, to sum up the details of the debate last night from the two front-runners: retired civil servant Joe Lazar and education advocate David Greenfield. The debate which was sponsored by the Jewish Press and moderated by Nachum Segal, was held at the Boro Park Y. The candidates debated a long list of issues important to the community for over two hours in front of hundreds of community residents. Here is our askan’s report from the debate on some of the important topics.

Why Their Experience Is Better:

Joe Lazar spoke about his experience as a financial director of the NYC Department of Buildings and a regional director of the NYS Office of Mental Health as reasons why he is a budget expert. He also went over his history at the department of buildings were he helped yeshivas, housing projects, and mental health institutions.

David Greenfield went over his history as an education advocate, partnering the parents of Catholic, Jewish and Independent students to create an umbrella group TEACH NYS. Through the advocacy of TEACH NYS, Greenfield was able to secure $600 million in tax credits for parents of school age children in New York, millions for computers in yeshivas, and most recently, free tutoring for thousands of yeshiva students throughout the city.

How They Will Approach The City Budget and Secure New Services:

Joe Lazar cited his experience in government as an example for how he would address the budget and secure services. Because he has a 40 year history of being in government, Lazar said he understands budgets and knows where to look in budgets. He said he would be able to look through budgets to find ways to reallocate money for the programs the community needs. Lazar doesn’t believe in starting new programs, but instead to look at the current programs we have to find new funding streams to fulfill the needs of the community. Finally, he believes there is money in the Federal stimulus that can be put to work.

David Greenfield believes he could use what he did at TEACH NYS and apply it to the city budget to find money that doesn’t exist and use innovative ways to deliver services for the community. One example, that he has already discussed with the Deputy Mayor, involves giving parents a $2,000 student transportation voucher instead of relying on the city’s varsity transportation that is both much more expensive and fails to meet the needs of many yeshiva parents. This would save yeshivas money, parents money, and the city money. He also believes in the philosophy that his primary mission if elected is to deliver for the people of this community and bring back funding, and he will fight for any and all programs, revenue streams, or funds that can help our neighborhood organizations and reduce the cost of living for our community.

How They Will Deal With Parking tickets:

Joe Lazar believes the city has gotten away from issuing tickets based on public safety or health safety and are now issued solely for revenue. He believes traffic agents should stop hiding behind cars or around corners and should instead be directing traffic.

David Greenfield went over a parking problem on erev shabbos when people park at meters on the major avenues. The one hour meters are in effect until 7pm, but shabbos starts at 5pm. This means even if a driver fed the meter at the latest time possible, they would still be parked at an expired meter from 6pm-7pm, and unfortunately, many drivers have gotten a ticket. Greenfield proposed a solution to the DOT Commissioner to install muni-meters that would allow drivers to pay the full amount on shabbos, a reasonable solution that doesn’t ask for special treatment. He also said he would propose legislation that would ask for equal traffic enforcement agents in each neighborhood, because our neighborhood is tired of being blitzed by more ticket agents than other neighborhoods every time the City needs money.

How They Will Create More Affordable Housing:

Joe Lazar cited his experience many years ago with the 15th Avenue gardens as an example of how he’s worked to build affordable housing in the community. He believes affordable housing is an extremely difficult issue because it spans so many different agencies. Lazar’s experience in government would allow him to cut through bureaucratic red tape and make sure agencies work together in order to get more affordable housing built.

David Greenfield proposed a targeted rezoning that would allow property owners of warehouses and commercial areas in the 60’s streets of Boro Park to build affordable housing units. His rezoning plan would allow that property owner to develop a warehouse or commercial property into a more profitable housing unit on the condition that the owner split the profits with the community by using the profit to lower the cost of those apartments for community residents. Greenfield also proposed moving the Sanitation Depot on 19th Avenue out of the neighborhood and building affordable housing there. Finally, Greenfield proposed lowering the property tax rates of condos to recognize many people in condos live on 14th Avenue, not Madison Avenue.

Votes on Controversial Issues Like Same-Gender Marriage:

Joe Lazar believes an elected official should take into account a little bit of both their personal views and the views of their constituents, when determining how to vote. Lazar said the public is the one that puts people into office and their wishes need to be met.

David Greenfield said he is a religious Jew, and very proud of his beliefs. He thinks people shouldn’t sell out their personal views for political expediency. Greenfield said he will take his values to City Hall, and not apologize for being religious.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. I was at the debate the way i saw it is…
    Lazar has lived and helped this community through out his past with numerous projects, he has with what to back it, greenfield is more for the five-town community.

    greenfield on the other hand seems to be saying the right things to get into the community but has very little past! other than dreams for the future.
    more or less the same topics same answers and same solutions by greenfield and Lazar
    so i will judge the 2 candidates by their past, experience, and alliances.

    that gave me a much better confidence in Joe Lazar

  2. Im reading this article and i just cant beleve my eyes,what a chilul hashem joe lazar created when was asked about Controversial issues like same gender marrige.

    look what he answers.

    “we should take into account a little bit of both personal views and the views of the constituents, when determining how to vote.and the public is the one that puts people into office and their wishes need to be met”

    gevalt, how low are we going, how dare he talk like that .ist he ashamed of himself .we are in the times before the mabil.b’h that hashem promised us never again to have a mabil .but the mabil came because of this smutz .
    lazar how dare you say that you will do the public wishes .are you not bound buy the totah & buy the riling of our gedolim who dictate how we should behave and vote .
    is that why we need a so called heimishe candidate ,this is a disgrace.
    at the same time I look how david greenfeld replied ,what a kiddush hashem you created .
    look at qoute
    “as a religious Jew, and very proud of his beliefs. and thinks people shouldn’t sell out their personal views for political expediency. and he will take his values to City Hall, and not apologize for being religious.”

    i just hope the oilam realizes what is going on here.and this is besides all other issues why i think david is the right candidate.
    the torah choice is clear david greenfeld as our city councilman.

  3. YWN editors stop commenting, or is it a different Simon? + it is plain rude to only accept pro-Greenfield comments, shame on you! & to only post videos which you copied that make Lazar look dumb.

    Moderators Response: The videos were not copied from anyone, editors never commented, pro-Lazar comments are approved all the time, and the only one looking dumb is you.

  4. Hey, it is a Tanis let’s not get personally offensive. I was attacking your policies not any one personally, I feel editors should not be allowed to comment that’s all. Also I commented on this article before seeing any other pro-Lazar comments & some how the first comment ended up being pro-Lazar I guess my post really did give YWN a change of heart.