The Purim ‘Revolution’ Event Was A Beautiful Success!


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Over 100 plus boys learning in the bais hamedrash on Purim by night!

It was like a regular first seder and the spirit was beautiful and festive! A true kimu v’kiblu!

Some bochurim stayed hours after the program ended to continue to learn. Many of the bochurim came over and thanked us personally for making their Purim so meaningful. A group of special bochurim even came to our house during the day, to enhance our Purim! What a beautiful kiddush Hashem! Mi K’amcho Yisroel!

Let me share with you one episode! A boy from a yeshiva in Boro Park called and asked to join and learn for two hours and  collect $250 for his personal tzedoka. Although our funds were limited, he was persistent and after he explained it was for a desperately poor family in Boro Park, he was added to the program.

On Purim day he called with great simcha – he learnt for two hours retzufim and wanted to deliver the money on Purim. He came over, he was a tall and fine young bochur of about 18-19 years of age. When he arrived, I was sitting with someone who was interested in some more details about the family, he wanted to lend a hand if he could. The bochur stopped smiling, he explained that the money was for his family. His father has over $100k in debt, their electricity had been shut off a few times this year and the grocery had stopped extending his family any more credit. What a mature bochur! trying to help his father in such a beautiful way. He received a extra $250 for his family and we received the simcha knowing that the learning of Bochuring on Purim was a special and double aliya for everyone who participated.

R’ Zev Smith Shlita once ended a shiur, “People bemoan that we are a ‘ME’ generation! well I can’t argue! look around at K’lal Yisroel – are there not enough reasons to say that we are a ‘ME’ K’AMCHO YISROEL generation!”

May we be zoche to continue this program ad bias Hamoshiach!

Itzy & Chanie Eckstein

PS: If you would like to help the bochur’s family with their debt and give them a beautiful pesach – Mitvah Goreres Mitzvah!

Please click on the link:

With your kind donation you will be creating another DOUBLE zechus. The money will be helping a family in need and further be mechazek the Purim learning program!

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  1. rachmuna litzlan!

    rav shach once said about bain hazmanim “if you take away bain hazmanim, there will be no zman”
    purim is, and always has been, a time for levity and fun, even in the times of gedolei olam long gone like the rambam, rashi, the rema, the yaavitz etc…all of these people had a lebedike time on purim, and once you apply the chumra culture to purim, the results will inevitably be terrible. there will be a backlash, and we’ll wind up losing purim altogether!

  2. #1 – It is true that taking away Bein Hazmanim would be disastrous for many bochrim, I can’t Imagine R” Shach would have any problem with bochrim voluntarily sitting down and learning. Matter of fact, I would bet that he’d support it.

    While its true purim is a time to have fun, this isn’t mutually exclusive with learning. One can learn at night, and have a lebedike time during the day.

    And I find it very hard to imagine bochrim voluntarily learning could cause “a backlash, and we’ll wind up losing purim altogether!”