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Important Safety Tips For Pesach

Here are some important safety tips to ensure you have a happy Pesach! (Courtesy of

When searching for chometz:

*Keep candles away from all flammable materials (curtains, sofas, clothing etc.)
*Do not place used candles in paper bag with chometz

When burning chometz:

*Once fire is lit, do not add any fire enhancing agents (gas, lighter fluid etc.)
*Keep fire away from structures, cars, trees & wires
*Never burn plastic or explosive materials
*Light candles out of children’s reach and where they cannot be knocked over!
*Participate in a community chometz burning if available

When lighting candles:

*Place candle on a sturdy heat resistant surface away from flammable materials including walls, curtains, cabinets, wooden and plastic tables, tablecloths etc.
*Keep surfaces and surrounding areas clear of burned matches and other debris
*Never leave Yom Tov/ Shabbos candles unattended or go to sleep while they are burning
*Use extra caution when using 24 hour yartzeit candles, keep on a heat resistant surface away from flammable materials

When cooking & koshering:

*Set appliances back on counter to avoid accidental burns & spills
*Designate ovens, stoves and heat containing appliances as a “NO GO ZONE”
*Position blech so that heat can escape from all sides without heating walls, cabinets, and counters
*Never cover oven vents with aluminum foil
*Keep pot handles turned inward and away from the edge of the stove
*Never move pots of boiling hot liquids while uncovered, and use caution when carrying hot food around children
*Treat burns immediately by cooling with cool water and call your local emergency number

Download a Pesach safety poster by clicking HERE.

(YWN-HPO Desk)

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