Libya’s Gaddafi Praises US President Obama


According to a report released by the al-Shark al-Awsat English Arabic publication, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has words of praise for US President Barak Hussein Obama, stating there is no longer any dispute between his country and the United States.

Gadaffi went on to describe Obama as a “black man from our continent, an African and a Muslim”, pointing out the contrast from the days of former president Ronald Reagan. The Libyan leader stated the president is a leader of Sudanese Muslim descent, calling on the Arab world to support him and his policies.

He added that despite all of this, the Arabs hate America and this is a fact, going on to draw an analogy between the “Palestinian people” and the Jews, explaining that today, they are in exile and dispersed and this reality must be addressed.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Maybe Obama is looking to be one himself??!! After all, as he showed us with the health care bill, he knows what’s good for us, whether we like it or not….

  2. At least one person is not afraid to say the truth about Obama and to say it publicly.

    for once, i must give Quadaffi credit for opening the eyes of the world to the truth about Obama.

  3. When YWN commenters are agreeing with one of Gaddafi’s famous mad rants, you know that something, somewhere, has gone waaay too far.

    Let me make some controversial statements: Obama is not a muslim. Obama is not an anti-Semite. Obama has no plans to hunt down jews, or to destroy America. And it is pathetic that these universal facts are debated regularly right here on YWN.

    That does not mean I am by any means a fan of Obama. Quite the contrary – I think his liberal economic policies are dead wrong, and that he is the most anti-Israel president America has had since the days of Carter. We have some very legitimate complaints against Obama, and these complaints should be stated loudly and frequently. But if we accuse Obama of ridiculous things, all we end up doing is sounding stupid. If we want results, we need to stick to the real issues (Israel, economics) and ignore the stupidity (frantic accusations that Obama is a muslim, an anti-Semite, hates America, etc. And I’m sure I missed plenty.)

  4. #8 its debated all over, not just on YWN. just by stating this you show your a comm like him.yes, yes those right wing nuts in the media RL,SM etc etc and you are the brilliant one

  5. #9 – Judging by your comment, I’m going to assume that you were addressing me, despite the fact that my comment is clearly marked by the number 7.

    “its debated all over, not just on YWN”
    Please show me one mainstream website in which Obama is referred to as a muslim, anti-Semite, terrorist, etc. in anywhere near the same proportion that he is on this site. Arguments based on what happens “all over” have preciously little to stand on.

    “just by stating this you show your a comm like him”
    How does thinking that Obama is not a muslim or anti-Semite make me a communist? That’s like saying that being a conservative automatically makes you a racist.

    “those right wing nuts in the media RL,SM etc etc”
    I have absolutely no idea who “SM” is, or what he, Rush Limbaugh (I”m guessing) and the other “right wing nuts” have to do with me apparently being a communist.

    “you are the brilliant one”
    Why thank you. I personally wouldn’t go that far, but I can see how you would think that.

  6. everyone here has a very short memory

    it was bush who basically pardoned this terrorist if he would give up his wmds

    and you all are getting angry at obama because of what this nutjob says?