PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Lag BaOmer 5770 in Modi’in Illit


Over a thousand people gathered in the vicinity of Merkaz Kesem in Modi’in Illit on motzei shabbos for the lighting of the central Kiryat Sefer medura. Organized by the Darchei Chinuch organization, the bonfire was built by talmidim of a few different local schools. While traditionally lit by the Rav of the town, HaRav Kessler, this year a young bachur who recently had a recent refua lit the torch following the recital of a kapitel tehilim. Also present at the event was the Admor M’Belsky. The festivities ended a few hours before the rains began to fall, making the work of the under-staffed fire brigade easier.

Credits: Yehuda Boltshauser / Kuvien Images

Click HERE for the video, and click HERE for the photos.