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California: Hate posters found in Berkeley

A white supremacist group placed posters on the doorsteps of numerous Berkeley residents this week calling for skinhead “death squads” to take up arms in an “Aryan people’s insurgency.” 

The Berkeley Police Department received complaints from six households across the city, but could not gauge precisely how many homes or apartments received the racist and anti-Semitic materials.

The material was published by a group in Oroville (Butte County) linked to former KKK leader Tom Metzger, said Anti-Defamation League regional director Jonathan Bernstein.

The ADL assured East Bay Jewish organizations that both they and the police take the handouts seriously.

(Source: Jewish News Weekly N. CA)

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  1. What’s not to get. there’s a bunch of goyishe antisemitin making a violent hafgana and they are calling on their chevra to join

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