Tri-State area storm updates


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flooding.jpgThis thread will have breaking news tidbits caused by the flooding conditions from the major storm which has hit the Tri-State. UPDATED 11:14PM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Somerset County] Bound Brook *Major Flooding & SWAT Team Request* Carlton Ave Ball Field is the staging area. The SWAT team has been requested to assist and prevent looters in the now large vacant area (which was previously vacated due to flooding.) 11:14PM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, Passaic / Patterson *Water Rescue* Tyler & Bridge Street; FD is on the scene with an occupant trapped in a vehicle due to high waters. 10:04PM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Bergen County] Mahwah *Body Found in Car Under Water* Route 202, south of County Park; A woman was found in her vehicle totally submerged under water. PD requesting the medical examiner to the scene. 6:45PM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Westchester County] County-Wide *Major Evacuations* Homes and businesses are being evacuated in a large scale. Extensive mutual aid requested to assist with FD/EMS/PD and boat units from as far as Washington County (5 hours away). 5:09PM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Morris County] Lake Hiawatha *Flood Water Rescue* Sagamore Road; FD is on the scene removing people from area homes due to flooding. Shelters are being opened at the Parsippany High School on Vail Road. 2:19PM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Middlesex County] South River *Water Rescues* Lower portions of the Borough and Causeway Streets; FD and PD are conducting many water rescues and evacuations. The town is reportedly underneath 5-8 feet of water. 1:12PM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Bronx] *Water Rescue* Bronx River Parkway near 220th Street. NYPD ESU has been requested for an FDNY 4X4 which is stuck in flood waters with the occupants still inside. 11:23AM (EST) 4/16/07 

New Jersey, [Middlesex County] Sayreville *Emergency Evacuations* Many neighborhoods along the South Raritan River are being informed of mandatory evacuations which have been placed into effect for residents in Western Sayreville. All FD & EMS boats are in water operation. Shelters are at Senior Center & Pulaski & Main Street. 10:18AM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Bergen County] *Evacuations* Numerous residents are being evacuated throughout the county by fire department boats. Bergen County OEM is arranging for bus transportation to the evacuation shelter at Bergen County Community College. Large scale shelter operation being established at the college. 10:15AM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Passaic County] Pompton Lakes *Evacuations* Hamburg Turnpike near the bridge; PD/OEM/FD are on the scene trying to determinate a possible route of evacuation for homes in the area as water levels are beginning to rise rapidly. The Red Cross has been requested and is responding at this time to establish a shelter. 8:18AM (EST) 4/16/07 

New York, [Queens County} *Water Rescue* Brookville Blvd & Rockaway Blvd; School bus with children submerged in high waters. FD/EMS/NYPD are all on the scene assisting. 8:13AM (EST) 4/16/07 

New York, [Queens County] Hamilton Beach *Water Rescue* 160th Avenue & 102nd Street NYPD ESU is on the scene with an MTA bus that needs to be evacuated as it is stuck in high flood waters. 7:46AM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Mercer County] Princton *Water Rescue* River Road in the area of Herrontown Road; Units are on the scene conducting a search for a person missing & possibly drowned. The victims car has been located submerged in deep water. 4:42AM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Orange County] Deerpark *Flooding Conditions* PD is advising heavy flooding conditions throughout area and they are making numerous evacuations. The Emergency Operations Center has been evacuated as well. 4:09AM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Orange County] Washingtonville *Water Rescue* 14 Patricia Lane; FD on the scene with a car submerged in water with people trapped. Monroe FD dive team is responding. 3:53AM (EST) 4/16/07

New York [New York City] Manhattan *FDR being shut down* The FDR in a various locations both direction has been shut down due to flooding. 1:07AM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Camden County] Bellmare *Water Rescue* Creek Road at Lark School; FD on the scene with two vehicles under water. Unknown if there are any victims. 12:44AM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Rockland County] Sloatsburg *Occupied Vehicle In Water* Route 17 at Davis Sports Shop; Sloatsburg FD on the scene with a confirmed vehicle in water with a person trapped. NYSP requested to shut down Route 17 in both directions. 12:21AM (EST) 4/16/07

New York, [Westchester County] Greenville *Water Rescue* Sprain Parkway @ Jackson Avenue; PD is on the scene requesting FD for a car stuck in the water with a person trapped inside. 12:16AM (EST) 4/16/07

New Jersey, [Union County] Roselle Park *Flooding Evacuations* The fire department is assisting numerous people in evacuating due to severe flooding. 11:55PM (EST) 4/15/07

New Jersey, [Bergen County] Ridgewood *Flooding Conditions* East Ridgewood Avenue, near the high school. PD units on the scene are reporting that a large dumpster has floated down the brook and struck the bridge. The bridge has been closed until it can be inspected. 11:30PM 4/15/07

New Jersey, [Bergen County] Garfield * Evacuations* Along River Drive numerous homes and businesses are being evacuated along the Passaic River bank due to severe flooding. 10:57PM 4/15/07

New Jersey, [Bergen County] New Milford *Massive Evacuations* At least 5 boats and numerous departments from surrounding areas being utilized to assist in a massive evacuation of residents due to rapidly raising flood waters. At least five firefighters have been transported to hospitals suffering from hypothermia symptoms. Bergen County OEM is assisting with shelters and warming stations. 10:38PM 4/15/07

(With permission from BNN & CW1NY)