Accidental shooting at the White House


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whitehouse.jpgTwo Secret Service officers were injured on Tuesday after a gun held by another Secret Service officer accidentally fired inside the White House gate. Their injuries are non-life threatening. One officer suffered a shrapnel wound to the face, and the other was wounded in the leg. They were taken to George Washington Hospital.


  1. chacham: be a chacham and THINK!
    Yesterday’s shooting was done ON PURPOSE, and 33 people died.
    Today’s shooting was ACCIDENTAL, and nobody died.

  2. but it goes to show you that even people who are trained professionals can have accidents with firearms (kal vchomer, peopel who arent secret service agents)

  3. I know that I am going to get blasted for this one, but I need more clarification

    from the list below please identify:

    the shooter:
    victim 1:
    victom 2:

    the list:

  4. Der Yid – What is your greater point? We all know that accidents happen. Secret Service or not. Are you trying to tie this in to the tragedy in Virginia?

  5. I dont generally believe in conspiracy theories, but to say the gun of one of the most well trained police officer/soldier’s gun accidentaly went off hitting not one but two other secret service agents sounds a bit far fetched to me.
    More likely what happened was that two secret service agents were trying to disarm a third one and thats how the gun went off
    Unfortunately we will never know the truth