Yartzheit of Minchas Elazar this Shabbos


minchas elazar.jpgThis Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar, 2nd day of Sivan, falls the 70th Yartzeit of the previous Munkatcher Rebbe, Rav Chaim Elazar Spira ZT”L (known for his famous work “Minchas Elazar”) who was Niftar in 1937. In honor of the Yartzeit coinciding with Shabbos, hundreds of Munkacser Chasidim from all over the Tri-state area and beyond will be spending Shabbos in Boro Park together with the Munkatcher Rebbe Shlita in the Central Munkatcher Bais Medrash. A special Yartziet Tish will be held Friday night and a Siyum Hashas in honor of the Yartzeit will be held Shabbos afternoon at 6:00 in the Munkatcher Shul on 47th Street and 14th Avenue.


  1. I hear that in honor of the 70th yartzeit of the Munkatcher Rebbe Z”L, there will be a big shabbos in Munkatch this week.
    Zechuso Hagadol Yagen Aleinu!

  2. Also I spoke with someone who was there when the Rebbe’s body was moved to a diifferent graves decades after he was nifter. He said that the body was whole as if he was nifter that day.

  3. The bodies of Tzadikkim do not decompose. There was a story about how the
    Nazis YS ordered Reb Elimelech ‘s grave to be dug up
    and they found that his face was still wet from the Taharoh,