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Welcome to the Catskills: “Islamberg”

islamberg.jpgMilitary-style training in the Catskill Mountains? That’s what the NY Post reported on Monday. The report stated that Islamberg, a remote 70-acre commune in Tompkins NY is the headquarters for Muslims of the Americas but is also believed to be a cover for Jamaat al-Fuqra, a radical group founded by the Pakistani cleric Mubarak Ali Gilani. 

The compound is under scrutiny because of reports of training and gunfire there, the newspaper said.

A resident who would not give his name denied that anything illegal was happening at Islamberg.

This is my country, the resident told the Post. I love this country. I did a year in the bush in Vietnam for this country.

Gilani used to preach at a Brooklyn mosque and has returned to Pakistan. The group he started still operates in rural areas, the Post said.

Gilani is the Muslim cleric that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was trying to meet when he was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan in February 2002.

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  1. This is not too far from the Borscht Belt. They built this thing in the Catskills so they are able to plan to murder people especially Jews in a place that is isolated. This place was being reported about already last year.

  2. Sounds sinister to me.
    Where is this place in comparison to Liberty?
    Are there many people training or living on this compound, or more like an investment property? Awaiting info.

  3. illini,
    First of all, ‘investigated’???, that was the point of this news-bit.
    I hope you are joking!! You don’t understand the calamity of a ‘closet, denying, Muslim’ as a front running Democrat for president. Do you get the connection???? Muslims, President USA, Muslim???

  4. i think that people should have a big Hafganah in front of the Pakistan Embassy- maybe will help with helping understand that it’s not legal to have a arab “Shtetl” near Jews…
    Hatzloocha Rabba L’oivdei Hashem (“V’koivei Hashem Yachlifu Koiach”)!

  5. absolutely unbelievable right in the heart of Jewish summer home country! all we can say and daven is “The aibishter shomer umatzil zein” looking for more info on this story.

  6. illini07 Says:

    “Iknowit: did you have a point, or were you just babbling stupidity?”

    What are you afraid of, someone taking over your job?

  7. tzoorba,

    is rabbi gross’ cd avail online anywhere? we are k’royvim and I would like to hear what he had to say.

  8. the f.b.i should have the place sorounded and under survellince 24/7 it really gives me the creeps!!!!!!!!!!

  9. illini07 – We have sparred many times over various news items and although we disagree on the shame parade, I enjoy the debate.

    I was commenting in my post to you “well-reasoned argument” disguised as a personal attack to iknowit where you refer to him as one who is “babbling stupidity” – if you responded to iknowit with the second 1/2 of post 19 and left it at that, you would have made an argument – as to well-reasoned, I leave that up to everybody to decide for themselves

    have a wonderful Shabbos my friend.

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