Crown Heights: Bullets Hit Orthodox Mans Vehicle


Two Lubavitch men standing outside talking on Lefferts Avenue between New York and Nostrand Avenues Sunday evening were shocked when shots rang out a mere few feet from where they were standing.

At approximately 10:30 pm three black teens suddenly ran past them down the block. One had a gun and was shooting as he ran by.

One of the bullets hit the rear window of the car of a Lubavitcher man who was just pulling out of a parking spot, shattering the window and exiting through the car’s roof.

“The bullet flew right over the baby’s car seat,” the shaken driver told COLlive afterwards. “Thank G-d I was alone in the car.”

One of the bystanders called the police who responded quickly to the scene, and are searching for the three youths. Bullets were recovered from under a nearby car.

(Source: COLLive)