Record-Breaking Florida Cold Continues into Wednesday


The bitterly cold air flowing into the Florida Peninsula broke record lows overnight into Tuesday, and the cold will continue for at least another night.

Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Miami and Jacksonville all broke their records by several degrees, while Fort Lauderdale and Key West tied theirs.

Tuesday night will have more of the same. It is expected to be a degree or two colder in the southern and western parts of the state.

Farther north, the temperatures will likely be the same or even a little higher.

This continuing trend of below-freezing temperatures spells more trouble for vegetable crops.

Additional damage to vegetables will result from Tuesday night’s cold, as damage to crops can occur when the temperature drops to freezing.

As for the citrus crops, widespread damage is not expected, as the temperature will not dip below 28 degrees, the damaging level for the fruit, for long enough overnight.

By Wednesday, the extreme cold will begin to lift out of the area, and the below-normal chill will moderate by the end of the week.

(Source: Accuweather)


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