Officer Involved in ‘Shabbos J-Walking Incident’ Being Transferred


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5:05PM EST: According to an exclusive report by, the NYPD officer who forced an Orthodox man to write on Shabbos, is being transferred out of the precinct, and out of the Boro. Additional disciplinary action is pending against the officer as well.

This decision by the NYPD was made after an intense investigation into the entire incident.

Brooklyn South Chief Joseph Fox,along with the Commanding Officer of the precinct must be publicly commended for their personal involvement, and for taking appropriate action, following this troubling incident. Additionally, members of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Unit deserve much credit for working diligently throughout the ordeal.

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  1. Just the opposite. Allow the officer to remain and service the Jewish Community. Maybe if he’s a bit more educated in Jewish Culture and Customs he will begin to understand that New York is indeed the world’s biggest melting pot.

    Also, was he “under the gun” (no pun intended) to fill his quota of tickets for that day? The city is pretty hard up for money.

    To Mom12: Since when is Bed Sty a “Jewish” neighborhood? Maybe you are thinking of Willysburgh?