Out Of The Mailbag – To YW Editor


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shelly silver.jpgDear YW Editor, why don’t you post the article from this morning’s issue of the NY Sun which states that Sheldon Silver, the highest ranking “frum” politician in New York is allowing the “alternative lifestyle marriage” legislation to go forward? This is a very important issue which if allowed to pass will destroy the moral fabric of New York (if any is left). What Daas Torah does this corrupt politician seek out before making some decisions that the Torah refers to as a Toevah?!

YW Editor, this is a very serious issue that must be posted in order that the community can protest against Shelly Silver on this. Silver could not have consulted with Gedolei Yisroel before bringing this issue up for a vote in Albany.

Editors Note: The next post on YW (HERE) is a strong statement issued by four major Jewish organizations.


  1. separation of church and state dictates that it’s not up to government to legislate morality. Do you really think more people are going to engage in arayos because there are now tax benefits? The same toeva will occur whether or not the legitimacy of their “marriage” is recognized by law.

  2. joe9487cool,

    The basic goal of the entire pervert movement is to gain legitimacy so that they have insurance rights and can force their disgusting lifestyle down our throats at work and other public forums.

    We should fight and condemn any effort to support them. Silver, in general, caters to the Leftist liberal crowd more than he does to the Jews.

    Giving them this support will certainly encourage more of their activity.

    He should be roundly condemned for this atrocity.

  3. Joe, I hear the point you are making. It’s a good point.

    You are perhaps right to say that they will be doing the aveirah regardless. But I wonder if some people are more likely to sin, or to sin more, once it becoms more acceptable in society. When it has to be hidden, then they do it less.

    Moreover, there is, I think, a value to having society reject such to’eivos. If it becomes acceptable in a society, that says something very bad about that society. And that can spill over and affect us as well, somehow, in some oblique way.

    After all, the Rambam says that a person is mushpa (affected) by his surroundings. That should concern us, I think.

  4. To discuss this topic is okay but the personal insults and judgements of his past probably constitute loshon horah. Please try and keep comments on the topic which is a very serious one.

  5. Lets organize a protest when he goes to Daven in Bialashtuk. He should never get an Aliyah again.
    But of course nothing will happen. And Shelley the politicain will continue to throw his power around and bring disgrace upon his people.

  6. THere is much to say. Sheldon SIlver is no longer to be reckoned as an Orthodox Jew. Period. I don’t know of any other aveira in the Torah referred to as Toevah, abomination, other than mishkov zochor. THis is absolutely outrageous that this politician could not exercise his vote according to his religious upbringing. I have a difficult time reconciling an orhtodox jew who supposedly went through the Yeshiva system voting for mishkov zochor. There is not a godol b’TOrah who would advise SIlver to vote for mishkov zochor.

    SIlver is tarnished religiously. THere must be a public outcry against SIlver. THink for a moment what our children will say 10 years from now when they see mushchis behavior on the streets of New York CIty. AN orthodx jew, of all, making this abnormal lifestyle available in NYS. A bigger chilul Hashem by an Orthodox jew is seldom performed. THink what the devout christians are saying when they hear that an orthodox jew condones abnormal lifestyle. THe first place they will go to is the Bible and say what a phoney SIlver is.

    I am very upset and destroyed that we have an Orthodox jew at the helm of the NYS Government.
    I wonder if Shelly is planning to join the shame parade?

  7. isrool: Daas Torah ALSO gets to vote or write a letter of protest in this country, the same as anyone else. And a Jew must vote or write a letter of protest in line with what the Torah commands. So there is no contradiction here.

    Just as any WASP has the inalienable right to write a letter to any elected official in our government, so do Rabbonim, as well as peons like us. We are citizens here too, and the Constitution of the United States gives us all the right, and indeed, the obligation to vote and protest according to our conscience.

    As leaders of Jewish communities, the Daas Torah is qualified, permitted, and even obligated, to write such letters.

  8. thinkclearly: you wrote: To discuss this topic is okay but the personal insults and judgements of his past probably constitute loshon horah.

    Public statements or actions are not loshon hara. That begins with actions done or statements made in front of three or more people. It’s called “apai tloso.”

  9. NonKollelman: No other Aveiros called toeva? How about achilas Sheratzim? Or Machzir Gerushaso mishenisas? There are plenty more too!

  10. NonKollelman: Dishonest business practices are a toeivah as well – Devarim 25:16. This legislation is truely detrimental to us and society in general. How do we know if this overrides any other consideration when you regard the “horsetrading” that goes on in politics? We have a right and obligation to protest against it, but mudslinging and calumnies against a politician who has done so much for us is not the torah way.

  11. I think that the four organizations that sent the letter to the City Council about this issue in another YW posting, should “gang” up on Silver, and outlaw him in some way, perhaps by putting him in Chairem, or by advising their constituents never to vote for him again.

    The unthinkable has happened – a Frum Jew, for political reasons, has voted against the Torah. What an embarrassment.

  12. Nothing new! Silver is NOT a ‘frum Jew. Frum means respect for the Torah and protection of those who do mitzvos. What a chillul Hahem he is! The goyim look at us all as one group.If a so-called orthdox Jew allows this abomination,then why a need for kashrus,shabbos laws that protect our rights? If we can be liberal on one serious matter,why not the others,too? Hope the Agudah and OU will publicize our position.

  13. YW editor….

    Do you know for sure he DID NOT consult Gedolei Yisroel before allowing the vote? I “know” the answer….

    Editors Note: Why are you directing your question towards YW Editor?

  14. noch2cents: Yosher Koach for enlightening me. I checked and you are correct that crooked business dealings is likewise referred to as a toeivah. At least some learning comes out of these discussions.