Catskills: Living Torah Museum


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ltm.gifPeople are always looking for something new and exciting to do during their summers in the Mountains. This summer, for the first time, The Living Torah Museum will open a new branch of the Museum in the Catskills, one block off the Four Corners in Fallsburg.

The Living Torah Museum opened its doors five years ago in Boro Park, and has on display original items from every period of Jewish History. The Museum has been visited by more than 45,000 visitors, including some of the leading Gedoilim of our time–Harav Hagoan Habbi Yosef Rosenbloom, Rosh Yeshiva of Sharei Yosher; Harav Yisroel Belsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaas; Harav Yechezkal Roth, the Karlsburger Rav; the Tosher Dayan, Harav Binyamin Landau; and many more Gedoilei Torah have come.

Each came to visit the Museum because of his interest in examining the original items on display, especially those from the ancient world. By seeing these items, these Gedoilei Torah are enabled to enhance their understanding of many Mishnas and Gemoras.

A special section on ancient jewelry, utensils used in daily life, and weapons and armor of the ancient world are all on display in the Catskill branch. Visitors can actually hold in their hands some of these items and experience what life was like. For example,
visitors to the Museum can hold in their hand an original Machtzis Ha-Shekel, dating  from the time of the Second Bais Hamikdosh. The Museum has more recent items, including many interesting manuscripts, as well as original photos and paintings of Gedoilim of yesteryear.

A special exhibition will display items related to the Three Weeks. The Museum will have a section dedicated to the First Bais Hamikdosh and the Second Bais Hamikdosh and their destruction. The Museum has many fascinating items from the Babylonians (who destroyed the First Bais Hamikdosh) and the Romans (who destroyed the Second).

A special media presentation will be shown about the chariot wheels found recently in the Yam Suf. You can see photographs, taken by underwater camera, of the chariot wheels on the bottom of the sea.

Other fascinating new additions to the Museum include one of four dollhouses that have survived from the time of the Avois. Another major new addition to the Museum is the oldest known complete sewing kit in the world. Children love the special exhibit at the Museum of toys and games in the ancient world.

To schedule a tour at the Museum call 877-PLAN-A-TOUR  877-752-6286 


  1. Has anyone seen this? Is it any good? I’ve never been to the one in Borough Park. Has anyone here visited it?

    Does that really say “dollhouses from the time of the Avos?” Meaning from 4,000 years ago?

  2. If you get a guided tour it is incredibly good. He brings it all alive and relevant. The stuff is all genuine artifacts, not replicas. And he actually lets you hold things in your hand that are almost 2000 yrs old! I’ve been there twice with my children My son, is a yeshivaman in Yerushalayim, (has no time for “touring” becuz of his hasmadah) – went once with me and back twice on his own.

  3. The eight year old should,8-12 yrs would enjoy it but I think older kids would appreciate it more, high-school age would get the most out of it in my opinion.