Erev Shabbos: City Hall Apologizes to Greenfield for Snow Fiasco


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South Brooklyn was particularly hard hit after last week’s blizzard, from lack of snow plowing to the Sanitation Department’s reckless dumping of snow that toppled 30 gravestones at Washington Cemetery. Now, as city officials try to win back the trust of New Yorkers, much criticized Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has said sorry to City Councilman David Greenfield. Greenfield, whose district covers Midwood, Boro Park and Bensonhurst, told the Daily Politics, “We went through everything over the past 10 days: From the late clean up, to gravestones to carbon monoxide poisoning to cars getting crushed to the fact we were the last community to be dug out on Saturday night. We covered it all, and he genuinely apologized.”

Greenfield added, “He definitely apologized for what happened in our community and acknowledge that my council district was one of the worst council districts in terms of responses by the city. We had a lengthy conversation. We met for around an hour. Those kinds of actions, specifically that apology, goes a long way in trying to repair the relationship between the community and City Hall… He didn’t say why it was so bad, but we’re going to have hearings on Monday. He definitely committed to ensuring it never happens again.”

(Source: Gothamist)