Arizona AG To NYPD: Stay In Your Own City


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Phoenix – The political fallout continues after NYPD officers conducted an undercover operation at an Arizona gun show last month.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne lashed out at Mayor Michael Bloomberg, saying he overstepped his authority by dispatching city detectives to buy guns from private sellers.

Horne said, “Local law enforcement and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were never notified that Mayor Bloomberg’s operation was being undertaken. That is standard professional courtesy and is also designed to protect the general public.”

“Arizona law enforcement should have been made aware that people posing as criminal elements were in fact undercover officers. The fact that no such notification was made indicates this so-called sting is nothing less than a public relations stunt,” Horne said.

He added, “I would suggest that Mayor Bloomberg consider the skyrocketing crime rate in New York City before he asks any more of his city’s police to leave town on these PR missions. According to the most recent FBI statistics, violent crime in New York City increased significantly in 2010 compared to data from 2009. Robbery went up 3.9 percent, forcible rape rose 13.9 percent, aggravated assault increased 8.8 percent and murder rose 12.3 percent. Clearly, the good men and women of the New York City Police Department have more pressing crimes to investigate than alleged violations at a gun show 2,400 miles away.”

(Source: KPHO5)


  1. Kudos to Tom Horne for putting Bloomberg in his place, which is NY. That Bloomberg would pull such a stunt boggles the mind. Has he so much free time after doing such a “great” job ruining (not misspelled} NY, to send NYPD to AZ for this publicity stunt? I live in AZ, and I have guns at home. In New York, it’s almost impossible to get a gun permit, hence the only ones with the guns are the bad guys. Bloomberg doesn’t need a gun he’s got big bucks and has private protection, even without being mayor. The editor of the NY Times haa a gun permit, while spouting off about the need for gun control. Liberals are very good about making sure the everyday citizen can’t get a gun while either they have a gun or have hired guards. Mayor Bloomberg, keep your nose out of Arizona, worry about getting the streets plowed in the working class boroughs, not just your Manhattan.
    Just fyi, Tom Horne is Jewish.

  2. Chaimberlin:
    and I live in NY and I’m all for gun control – so I’m glad Mayor Bloomberg is listening to those he represents and not the ones who live in AZ

  3. This is, frankly, shoot the messenger stupidity. Anyone has a right to engage in a transaction and document how it was transacted. The Arizona gun dealers were caught with their bloomers down, clearly violating a provision that requires background checks at gun shows when there is “reason to believe” that a buyer would not pass the check.

    I work for a law enforcement agency – just ask us here how we feel about the proliferation of hand guns in this country. You sit-on-your-butts John Wayne conservative gun nuts have no clue as to the real damage you are doing to this country – your ideology rules your thinking,no matter the real world consequences. In that context, you are little different from Communist ideologues.

  4. YonasonW,

    You must be joking. I assume you have been following the FBI statistics on firearms related crime. You know they have been going down. And firearm sales have done nothing but gone up. There are an estimated 2 million incidences of citizens using firearms each year to protect themselves, families, and loved ones (Prof Gary Kleck). You and your radical left wing anti-gun nuts have no clue as to the real damage you are doing to the safety of millions of people by trying to eliminate firearms.

    Guns can and do save lives when in the hands of honest people. I personally know of two frum people who have used their firearms: one to stop a robbery in a store (my friend was a customer) and one who stopped 4 people who were about to attack him and his young son while they were walking.

  5. “Radical left wing anti gun nut” joeb? I am as centrist as they come, fed up with ideological based misinformation from both left and right.

    Your claimed use of FBI statistics are pathetically off.

    Gun violence in this country is higher than in any western country. In gun homicides per 1000 people in 2010 the U.S. ranked 8 out of the top 32, behind only, in order, South Africa, Colombia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Belarus and Costa Rica.

    The percapita rate in the United States was 0.02792; over five times higher than in the next western country on the list.

    The next western countries on the list are:

    Canada, ranked 20, with a rate of 0.00502;
    Germany, ranked 21, had a rate of 0.00465;
    Ireland, ranked 26, with a rate of 0.00298;
    Australia, ranked 27, with a rate of 0.0093;
    Denmark, ranked 28, with a rate of 0.00257;
    Spain, ranked 29, with a rate of 0.00240;
    New Zealand, ranked 31, with a rate of 0.0017; and
    The United Kingdom, ranked 2, rate of 0.0010.

    NONE of these countries permits hand gun sales; NONE have capital punishment.

    Stick to the facts, son.

    See the United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention).