New Florida Charter School Under Fire for Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language


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A Broward charter school (Ben Gamla) that promises to teach Hebrew as a second language has drawn praise from parents who want their kids to learn the language for free, and criticism from those who say it’s no more than a taxpayer-funded religious school. Broward School Board members already have approved the K-8 school, one of the nation’s first, but concerns remain.

The school, is scheduled to open Aug. 20 in Hollywood & board members are expected to vote on a curriculum on July 24.

Critics of the school include rabbis and parents whose children attend Jewish day schools that could lose students to the charter. The Jewish Federation of Broward County also is raising concerns. 

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch, who founded the school, said the criticism of the school has nothing to do with education, has nothing to do with anything but a monopoly that’s being threatened.

(Source: Miami Herald)


  1. the layers are very simple:

    moslem schools are allowed (using uncertified teachers, since they “couldnt find licensed teachers.”

    jewish schools are not allowed. actually, not jewish, just teaching “cultural” hebrew.

    the principal of the school himself said he couldnt send his children there, cause there’s no jewish education there.

    but the anti religious (i bet you there jews) complainnabout this (but not about the moslem.)

  2. If French and Spanish and Latin are taught in public schools, why not Hebrew and if New York State can give Hebrew regents then it is an accepted language.

  3. If Moslem schools ,PUBLIC, are allowed,and Spanish teachers are in PUBLIC schools teaching illegals,with tax payer money,then by all means,Hebrew must be allowed.