Brooklyn Teacher Arrested On Terrorism Charges


A high school teacher from Brooklyn is under arrest on terrorism charges, police announced Friday.

School safety officers arrested Sabrina Milo, 34, at Fort Hamilton High School, the school where she teaches, just before noon.

According to published reports, she made “Columbine-like” threats after telling school personnel that she would bring a shotgun to school.

She is charged with making terrorist threats.

NY1 Reports the following:

A Brooklyn high school teacher is being held on $100,000 bail Saturday on felony charges of making a terrorist threat, after remarks she made to colleagues earlier this week.

Fort Hamilton art teacher Sabrina Milo, 34, was arraigned Saturday in Brooklyn criminal court a day after she was arrested.

Prosecutors say that at lunchtime on Tuesday, three other teachers witnessed Milo crying in the teachers’ lounge. She allegedly said she was going to “bring a machine gun under a trench coat and it would be Columbine all over again,” referring to the 1999 high school attack in Colorado.

Prosecutors said they didn’t know why Milo was upset.

Milo was ordered to stay away from the school and to turn over any firearms in her possession, of which her attorney said she had none.

“We’re convinced it’s going to be dismissed,” Milo’s lawyer said of the case.

Milo’s students tell NY1 that she’s a well-liked teacher who’s known to joke around.

“I’m just going to say she was having an off-day or something like that,” one student said. “All the teachers here are helpful. It doesn’t worry me too much.”

“I really think Ms. Miles is a cool teacher,” another student said. “She’s very nice and she likes playing jokes and all that. She didn’t mean to offend us and the school.”

The Department of Education says Milo worked at the school from 2001 until last May, when she was reassigned, but she returned to the school for the fall.

She faces disciplinary action pending the outcome of her case.

There’s been no comment yet from the United Federation of Teachers.