Frum Bochur’s Life Saved In Minnesota Bridge Collapse


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b cover.jpgSources tell Yeshivaworld that Roman Koyrakh, a 20-year-old Shomer Shabbos college Student, was miraculously saved from yesterdays bridge collapse in Minnesota. Roman’s car was stuck in traffic on the north side of the bridge when there was a loud bang, and his car tilted forward. After several hard bangs & falls, the car came to a stop in the fast, rushing water of the Mississippi River. Bichasdei Hashem he managed to exit his submerged car, and swim to safety.

Before being treated by emergency personnel for his own minor injuries, he swam back and helped other injured people escape the cold water.

He was then transported to the hospital where he was given a few stitches on his face and arms.


  1. Hashem has a mssage to us in this incident.As we know,everything comes from Heaven.So what does this occurance tell us? The two banks of the river is where we came from and where we’re going to.The river is olom hazeh,where we can hide things (bad deeds) under the water,where people can’t see what’s under the water,like Tashlich.The deep water covers the mess under it.The bridge is our lives,the ‘prozdor’to olom habo. If we maintain the structure,inspect it,and make needed repairs,it will hold us up from falling in and we can reach our final destination .If not,we’re chas vesholom,lost. Mazal tov to the young man who escaped amd even helped others.

  2. B’H nisim of nisim? So what do we learn from this? I say
    “Ve’haya Mechanecha Kodosh Ve’raah Becha Ervat
    Devar Veshav Meacharecha”.
    Well actually sorry I don’t say it Ha-shem said it. The autistic children said that there will be many nisim.

  3. Dvorah, I agree with you that Comment 2 was well-thought out; however, it seems to me that Proud KAJ-WH TIDE guy was just finding a message in what has happened and not presuming to understand the ways of the Almighty. When he writes, “So what does this occurance tell us?,” he is not adopting the stance of a “Bas Kol” with a direct message from Hashem; rather, he is sharing the inspiration he took from the incidence. As for Minnesota, why should it fit in? It could just as well have happened elsewhere; the point is what we do with the info presented us.

  4. Kol Haolam Kulu Gesher tzar meod… leaving now for Montichello, picking up my cholent and kugel in Sloatsburg……. see you there (no hoicha SE please)

  5. There were mnay people that were saved that were not jewish.
    Why don’t you put a story on this site that tells the story of a Non-Jew.
    This is not always about us.

  6. dvorah, you’d only think it was meant for you if it was the tappen zee h’y????
    Point is a tragedy happened(we should notice), there was a kiddush hashem etc. and thats why its about us, harry

  7. #12, it is a little odd that my name is Koyrakh, and that the ground opened up below me. The fact that I survived might also be odd, since the sons of Koyrakh also survived when they did Tshuvah.

  8. Romankoy: Boruch She’osso lecho nes bamokom hahu. May HKB”H lead you further to go on the derech He clearly wants you to be on this world for

  9. Roman Koyrakh is Russian immigrant. He has an incredible smile and an incredible attitude towards learning and towards people. He is what you might call a genuinely friendly, nice guy.
    And, as for Minnesota?
    Well, if you look at a map, you’ll find that is is nearly the center of Yiddishkeit in the United States!
    There is a thriving, friendly, frum community here.
    Stop by and visit.