Photos: NYPD Highway 2 Beats Flatbush Hatzolah 6-5


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nypd game cover.jpgHYPD Highway 2 wins Flatbush Hatzolah 6-5 at Tuesday’s softball game. Click HERE to view the complete photo album. (Re-match scheduled for next year…..stay tuned for the details!)


  1. NYPD Highway BEATS Flatbush Hatzoloh, not “wins Flatbush Hatzoloh.” Unless, of course, the NYPD picked up the members of Hatzoloh and took them home like trophies ;-).

  2. RE: Tzadik in Peltz
    Hatzoloh was winning the game 4-0 in the 5 inning

    RE: abe
    There where alot more the parking lot was full as well as street parking. funny though I don’t think I saw you there?

  3. What a beautiful Kiddush Hashem. Imagine if we wouldve won- we really would have shown them how to play some baseball..just kidding.

  4. It’s good that Hatzolo were winning 5-0 and then lost.
    They showed tha they can play, but left the NYPD feeling good becaus ethey won.

    If the NYPD lost…..