PHOTOS: Neturei Karta Embrace Iranian Hitler Once Again


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[PHOTO LINK BELOW] As YWN reported this past Motzei Shabbos, two men from the organization Jews United Against Zionism, also known as Neturei Karta, spent Shabbos in Iran to attend the International conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace in Tehran. The two men wearing traditional Chasidic clothing are U.S. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, of Rockland County, and Canadian Rabbi Yeshaye Rosenberg.

On Sunday both of them met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Neturei Karta has a history of embracing the Holocaust-denying Ahmadinejad.

They made international headlines in 2006 when the group attended the Holocaust denying conference, held in Tehran, and have met him every time the Iranian Hitler – who has openly called for Israel to be wiped off the map – visited NYC for the U.N. General Assembly.

Iran’s president, who once described the Holocaust as a “myth,” hosted the 2006 conference meant to question the scale of the Nazi genocide of Jews — and whether it even happened.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad initiated the two-day Holocaust conference in Tehran, insisting its purpose was not to deny the Holocaust, but merely to discuss it in an “unrestricted atmosphere”.

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly expressed anti-Semitic opinions, said he didn’t believe in the well-documented genocide of millions of Jews during the Second World War and has repeatedly called for the state of Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. If you are calling him Hitler, you are giving a compliment for Hitler!.
    Yes! he is a anti-semite, who ‘would’ve’ killed Jews if he’d have the opportunity.
    So far he didn’t.
    meanwhile Hitler Ym”sh killed 6 Million! of out fathers, and worked un-human slavery with million others.
    so pls. he still has a far way to go to reach Hitler’s footsteps!

  2. Whats so baddddddd??? u lost ur kailim?? A public Chillul Hashem for this there is nooooooo rachamim.Achminajad’s money kills yidden daily and u say whats so bad????Wheres ur ahavas yisroel .This guy is Amalek with peyes.

  3. I find this picture nauseating. Please take it down. I personally will not be visiting the sites that post this picture until it is taken down.

  4. Rabbi???? How can you call someone like that a Rabbi? Please take off that from their names. Even the names of those reshaim is hard to read, but putting Rabbi before that?

  5. These guys are traitors. They betray their own brothers. We all know the punishment of traitors. Rav Amnon Yitzchok classified them as rodfim because they empower our enemies to attack us.

  6. Weiss is a lowest piece of human trash out there. I have more respect for an ant than this venom. May he burn for eternity

  7. 1. To the question of why he is allowed to visit US enemy /terror countries such as Gaza and Iran: I posed this question to the FBI, and they’ve been trying to get him for years, but obviously, he has high-paid lawyers that advise him on his every move. (Wonder who sponsors these lawyers??)
    2. Why is h dangerous, and not some silly nut-case? If you look at the NK website, and speak to them, you will understand: They tell our enemies that it is against G-d and the Jewish religion to have a Jewish state in Israel. These enemies associate anyone non-NK as being a Zionist, (including all the Ehrliche Jews in Israel), and they fell confident in their war against Israel, becuase the NK “Rabbis” told them so. These people are truly “Rodfim” and deserved to be killed according to Jewish law.
    3. Where is the Daas Torah and protests from the “mainstream” Orthodox – well, my Rabbonim have told me that the NK thrives on PR, so the best thing is just to ignore them.

  8. It is bad enough that we have to deal with reform rabbis who love the Palestinians, and conservatives who love the gays, why do we have to deal with frum-like rabbis who love the new Hilter? May their wives and children divorce them; they are an embarrassment to frum Jewish education.

  9. They believe they’re doing the right thing so instead of talking about how bad it was go to their house and sit down and discuss it with them.

  10. again!!!

    I would like to ask one thing of all these people bashing the NK!!

    Should you have been around:

    At the time that Yakov our forefather bowed to Esov, who was out to kill him, and consequently saved his life to save all of Klal Yisrael

    Or when rabbi Yochanan played dead to smuggle out to the Romans and thus by saved Reb Gamliel and the city of Yavneh and its torah scholars, and thus by saved the torah and all of Am Yisrael,

    Or when Reb Michoel Ber Weissmandel gave money and pleaded to the biggest ratsach Eichmann and thus by saved thousands of Jews,

    Would your condemnation be:

    1) the same
    2) more
    3) less


  11. By calling Achmidnigad Hitler you are displaying your compleate lack of understanding of the Nazi ideoligy and what they wanted to do to us. It is a real shame that you don’t appreciate what a huge miracle it is that Hitler didn’t win.

  12. There is a fellow wandering Yerushalayim who swears he’s the mashiach! And you could believe him, ask his pal Eliyahu haNavi! Over in Creedmore Psychiatric Center, you can find three Napoleans and a Yeishu!

    Why are their antics any more newsworthy?

    These people are even viewed within the mainstream Neturei Karta as mentally unstable. And those who were at the Israel Day Parade in NY might recognize the faces in the pictures; there are so few of them, you’ll see the same dozen or so over and over.

    One isn’t doing them or us a favor by bowing to their psychotic need to be in the news.

  13. This is just a sad sign that we are in galus. Everyone including #24 its a message for teshuva and for us to strengthen our ahavas yisrael. Don’t worry Gd will take care of NK and give them what they deserve.

  14. This makes no sense! How can Jews how appear mitzvah observant, even if they dont agree with a political Israel, be against Israel and embrace a man who is anti-semitic? Does not anyone in their group realize they are doing wrong or the problems with their stance. Do they really learn Torah???

    Does this group actually live in a community with yeshivos, kosher food stores..etc.

    They remind me of the FBI agents who live as outlaw motorcycle gangs to infiltrate the real gangs.

    I think this group may be such a group; filled with agents out to fulfill a political agenda.

  15. @AA

    You would bring up something like the Kastner Transports as a good thing!

    He sold out the rest of the population to save his family and friends.

    But hey, some of the people he saved had beards and were “Torah Scholors” so the ends clearly justified the means.

    NK doesnt care about world jewery and their continued stunts are embarassing to all of us.

  16. May the RS”O give these “kofrim” and “michalelei Hashem b’farhesya” “Jews” their “din v’chesbon b’korov b’yamaynu, Omen.

    If they like Ahmedinejad so much I suggest they be transported to Iran with a one way ticket.

  17. If you want to be anti-Zionist and oppose the existence of a Jewish state before the coming of Moschiach (may he come speedily in our days) – fine.

    But to hug and kiss a Holocaust denier? To travel to a terrorist regime that has sworn to murder every Jewish man, woman, and child in Eretz Yisroel?

    To think that Jews can turn against Israel in a post-Holocaust era! Do they know what a Jewish State would have meant to their forebearers?

    Their ancestors must be turning over in the graves – if they HAD graves, and were not a bunch of ashes being scattered around Europe.

    An absolute chillul Hash-m!

    We usually think of Israel-hatred as coming from the secular left, but this – THIS – is an outrage under the pretext of piety. These self-loathing low-lifes must be ashamed of themselves.

    I understand their religious objections to the State of Israel, even though I vehemently disagree – but to prance around with Holocaust deniers is beyond despicable.

  18. What utter nonsense – Zionists have committed countless forms of chilul Hashem – including the murder of Jews and Palestinians – men, women and children and YeshivaWorld calls Ahmadinijad “Hitler” – all, by the way, in the name of Judaism. YeshivaWorld may not like it, but the Neturei Karta are in the right – it’s unfortunate there are so many that buy into the Zionist marketing and propaganda. Ahmadinijad is *nothing* like Hitler. Are you so out of touch with reality and so are capabable of rationlizing Zionism that you can’t see how obviously it is completely contrary to Halachah? YeshivaWorld – if you’re Zionists say it clearly so everyone knows – don’t just hide behind foolish articles which just repeat the same rhetoric that Natenyohu and his cohorts keep pushing. It seems that the only people who truly (and unbelievably) buy this stuff are fellow Zionists – totally forgetting their priorities and rationalizing almost anything and everything Israel does. Truly Amazing. I know some on YeshivaWorld agree with the Neturei Karta, but it’s really sad and unfortunate that it is so few who still remember that we are in Golus and understand how severe an aveyrah committing a chilul Hashem is – let alone supporting and encouraging it.

  19. To #29 – “the ends justify the means” – do you have any idea of what you’re saying? If you think this way – you’re really out of touch with right and wrong, al pi haTorah. This is the way a pro-Zionist thinks – capable of rationlizing anything – no matter how contrary to Halachah it is. Is it so difficult for people to face the emes about the State of Israel and Zionism? People learning everyday and yet falling to the most aggregious and yet obvious rationalizations in order to have pride in the State of Israel – at any cost. To the pro-Zionists – what’s more important Zionism/the State of Israel or the Torah/Yeras Hashem – because both cannot co-exist, so you have to pick a side.

    And yes, it is completely valid to bring up the Kastner affair – for those who don’t know the details, read Perfidy by Ben Hecht (a Zionist, utterly disgusted with Zionists)