Satmar Continues Underground Efforts To Rescue Yemenite Jews


As fighting and instability continue in Yemen, Satmar activists are taking advantage of the anarchy to step up efforts to smuggle Jews out of the country. According to a Kikar Shabbat report, a number of Yemenite Jews have recently been smuggled out of the country, taken to Argentina.

Of late, the situation for the remaining Jewish community has turned increasingly hostile, to the point of life-threatening in some cases, prompting Satmar to increase efforts to save the last remnants of the once thriving community in that country. Since the rebels began efforts to overthrow the current government, attacks against Jews have increased significantly, creating the volatile situation that exists today.

It appears that over recent days, 21 Jews, including three widows and an infant have been successfully taken out of the country, brought to safety.

The report adds that due to the political sensitivities surrounding such an operation, the United States would not agree to serve as a safe haven for these Jews, so Satmar decided to move them to S. America, to the local Satmar community in that country.

Satmar has been active in rescuing the last Yemenite Jews for a number of years, then absorbing them into their community. Satmar has come under criticism by many, who oppose turning the Yemenite Jews into Ashkenazi Satmar Chassidim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They do not turn them into Ashkenazi Chassidim.

    Anyone who wants can visit the community in Kiryas Yoel where they have their own central Shul in the lower story of the big Beis Medrash.

  2. Satmar deserves a tremendous amount of credit for their rescue operations of Jews in Yemen and Iran that they have been operating (Rav Tov) for many decades, successfully saving untold number of Jewish lives over many many years.

  3. Satmar are the only Yidden who have the resources to operate in Teimon and who are accepted by the government there. Too bad they were not able to do this in 1950 and pre-empt Operation Soiled Carpet.

  4. That film is a pack of lies and should not be linked to on a frum site. The family involved was a dysfunctional one in which the parents could not adjust to the US after primitive Yemen.

  5. 600 Kilo Bear – have a little respect for the Yemenite Jews and their children/grandchildren (which I am) that BH kept their Frumkeit and Mesorah in E’Y and across the globe.

    Its easy to sit here and blog 60 years later to criticize. Next time there is a Jewish crisis like this, I’ll have them call you.

  6. My name is Menachem Dahari, I came from Yemen 5 years ago, and yes I did come through satmar.
    They do try to turn us in-to different people, they want us to dress, speak,act,”pray” like them.
    I was there for a year, than eventually I realized that’s not the right place for me.
    I don’t appreciate The fact that they take more than 80 % of the income of the Yemenite Jews.(I’ve done some research).
    And FYI, that link is completely true.(follow the rest of the links) And the family were not dysfunctional, they just didn’t have enough money to get good lawyers and get justice.
    And for those people who commented, you have no idea what you are talking about.
    (next time please say something you know, not something you dont.)