Hurricane, Heroism & Tears. The Reichenberg Fund


For most of us, Hurricane Irene was no more than a nuisance that interrupted our lives and left our communities flooded with water. For the Reichenberg family, the storm’s devastating effects left a flood of tears.

Moshe Yosef Reichenberg, Zt’l was only 50 when his life was tragically cut short as he attempted to save the life of a young child who had been struck by a fallen high voltage power line. The selfless instincts he exhibited were the embodiment of his life. Over 25 years ago he enrolled in Ohr Somayach and he quickly endeared himself to everyone he came into contact with. Although Moshe Yosef’s life was beset with extreme financial and personal challenges his infectious joy and emunah never wavered. He was a beacon of light to his neighbors and chaverim and a pillar of support to his wife and four children.

Now it is our turn to demonstrate our selflessness as we ensure that his dear wife should not have to suffer the pain of financial deprivation. The Hanhala of Ohr Somayach have established a special fund to provide for the future needs of the family and for the costs of special education for their autistic son. To donate now, please click HERE, or send your check to: The Ohr Somayach Reichenberg Fund, C/o Rabbi Yochonon Wosner, POB 334, Monsey NY 10952. All gifts are fully tax deductible.