Shelly Silver: Casino In NYC Would Be The Wrong Bet


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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says no dice on a full-scale casino in the city – putting him on a collision course with the influential gaming industry.

“I don’t want to see people going out for lunch during work and losing a week’s pay or a month’s pay,” Silver told the Daily News.

Silver backs placing table game meccas in resort areas like the Catskills and Saratoga Springs – but he says the five boroughs should be off-limits.

Gov. Cuomo said this month that it may be time to go all in on casino gambling.

“The gaming issue is an issue that this state has to come to grips with,” Cuomo said of a disjointed gaming landscape that includes a mix of Indian casinos and racinos regulated by the state’s Lottery Division.

Cuomo said his brain trust was “actively” looking at gambling operations in New York.

The gambling industry – including existing racino operators who want to add live table games – hopes the governor gets his way.



  1. Morality in government – this might be a problem, especially for a Democrat who wants high public spending without paying for it with taxes that are so high as to be countre-productive economically.

  2. the bottom line is that casinos mean jobs even in NYC.
    it is truly mind boggling that a person who voted against his religion for gay marriage would not allow us to have gaming which is permitted

  3. wow! shelly silver lecturing on morality! maybe he can champion horse racing/gambling marriage? after all they are a natural couple why should they not have equal rights?