Lelov Rebbe Opposes New Mobile Phones – Chassidim Smash Phones At Public Event


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Lelov Chassidim in Beit Shemesh were called upon to attend an event in Moshav S’dot Haaretz near Beit Shemesh where they merited meeting with the Rebbe Shlita, who according to reports requested participation in a kinos on erev rosh chodesh.

Perhaps to the surprise of the tzibur, the Rebbe did not only deliver a powerful rosh chodesh message of words related to the end of bein hazmanim as many expected, but he spoke about the Blackberry ® and iPhone ® and the prohibition of using such devices – even for one’s business towards earning a livelihood. One of the chassidim held up one of the very units mentioned by the Rebbe and smashed it before the tzibur, adding that in the near future a vaad will be established in the Chassidus to address similar to the Vaad Rabbonim for Cellular Telephones that exists, responsible for today’s so-called kosher phones. 

The Rebbe joins the ranks of the Belzer, Toldos Aaron ad Dushinski Admorim Shlita, all of whom used their respective tishin to speak out against the smart phone devices. 

Hundreds of chassidim were on hand Monday when the Rebbe spoke about the prohibition of owning and using such a device, on Yom Kippur Katan, erev Rosh Chodesh Elul. Also present was the Admor’s brother, the Leluv Rebbe Yerushalayim Shlita.

Many were taken aback as the Rebbe dedicated a full 15 minutes addressing the prohibition surrounding the phones, singling out Blackberry ®, even towards assisting one in earning a parnasa.

It appears the vaad will roam among the chassidim towards learning who is defying the ban, those who opt to disregard the Rebbe’s words and use a non-kosher phone.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This title is misleading, did ChasidIM or “One” Chasid smash phones? I was thinking that a whole large group of Chasidim started breaking phones!

    Please fix title

  2. Kudos to those who believe that they recognize a problem and actually go out ant try to correct it. I wont be smashing my smartphone anytime soon in public or private, but I do commend those who give it up for the sake of Yiddishkeit.

    and yea… the Vaad Roaming around does seem a bit excessive the could scale it down a notch or two.

  3. There must start to be dialog among chassidim and Rebbe.

    Smashing technology, photographing women to determine if they are tzinus, spraying people on the street who buy English title books, destroying property of people that you disagree with…this is INSANE. Whatever happened to communication between leader and herd? We are slidding downhill quickly.

  4. Smash them all and in the end — Kosher phones – surprise, surprise! It’s OK by me. I’m nicely invested in this venture. Thank you for the ban, dear Rebbe.

  5. I know people who will not us SMS message but have email on their phone. I am all for only phones and nothing else on mobile phones. People talk less to each other and text night and day. If people want to talk to me and I am a business man; pickup the phone and call and if not; not

  6. #7 Ban is OK, violence and destruction of property is NOT.
    For many it is hard to distinguish destroying personal property with then going out and destroying or damaging OTHER people’s property.

  7. This is a REAL Rebbe. He knows what’s going on.

    Thank G-D, we have REAL tzaddikim in our midst to save us from going over the cliff, together with the rest of our crazy society.