Turkey Turns To Israel For Assistance [18:55 IL]


As the devastation of this week’s earthquake in Turkey becomes increasingly apparent, Turkish officials have officially turned to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, asking for Israeli assistance.

Foreign Ministry officials have approved the requested and have already instructed the relevant agencies to begin preparing to send humanitarian aid to Turkey as expeditiously as possible.  While Turkey originally turned down Israeli offers for humanitarian aid, it is becoming increasingly clear that the magnitude of the disaster of the quake demands additional assistance and expertise.

Israel’s IDF Homefront Command search & rescue unit has literally traveled the world in its effort to provide humanitarian aid, as well as establishing field hospitals that have saved countless lives in similar situations, without regard for political, racial or other considerations.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. L’Maseh it’s good that he waited, this way he gets to see the level of distruction.
    let’s hope that the Yidin will be of great help.
    Bisyata Di Shmaya.

  2. To ScooterJew613: A Kiddush HaShem is when the ways of HaShem and His Torah are appreciated for their wisdom, kindness, etc. A country’s action, even if it is “Jewish” country (arguable), do not necessarily make a kiddush HaShem or chillul HaShem. If Israel were a Torah State and not just a Jewish State I would agree with you completely. There is little doubt, however, that all Jews’ “geneticly” encoded chesed, (rachmanus, and shame), played a role in the offer of help.

  3. #7 I really do hope it is all good news. I am, however, taking this with a grain of salt. I really hope this is not a trick on the Arab’s side with a reward of $100K circulating out there in m*u*s*l*i*m countries. If the IDF does, I think they should triple the protection so that there is no abduction repeats.