Beersheva: Police Feared Driver Was A Kidnapper


A man came close to being arrested for abducting his wife due to an embarrassing error by police in Beersheva. They detected what they believed to be a suspicious vehicle leaving the city and followed the driver to confirm their suspicions.

Alert policemen noticed a vehicle driven by a male and a female seated at his side. The female passenger was blindfolded. They began following the vehicle until it reached HaNasi Junction. The vehicle stopped for the traffic signal and the police vehicle moved into position blocking it.

They then moved in to apprehend the kidnapper.

The wife, who was in the passenger seat, told reporters that the policemen were confident they were preventing a kidnapping. It was soon learned that the wife, Nurit, was just coming from eye surgery and that is why her eyes were covered.

According to the couple, it took a bit of explaining but police eventually understood the situation was benign and there was no kidnapping in process. Police then permitted the couple to get on their way.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “due to an embarrassing error by police in Beersheva.”
    It is not embarrassing at all. To the contrary, it is impressive and comforting to know that they are so alert and vigilant.