Security Forces Raze Homes In Bat Ayin


A large force of Yassam commando police arrived in the Gush Etzion community of Bat Ayin during the predawn hours on Monday, 3 Cheshvan. They destroyed three homes in the community’s Bat Ayin Bet neighborhood, leaving over 20 people homeless.

They actually tried to destroy a fourth home, which is under construction, but they were unsuccessful in destroying the concrete foundation. Yishuv residents point out that one of the three homes belongs to newlyweds, married about ten days ago.

Arutz-7 quotes one of the homeowners, Nina Gabbai, who explained they were supposed to move in within the next 10-14 days following six months of work on the home.

As is the usual practice during such operations, police blocked the access road to the community and basically shut down the area.

While the homeowners sustained a blow, they explain they are not despondent and they will not give up, stating that the rebuilding of the homes has already begun.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So instead of destroying arab homes they’re destroying Jewish homes? So, can we say with friends like this, who needs enemies? It’s truly mind-boggling!

  2. These settlers know that these homes are being constructed illegally and by doing so they divert critical security forces that should be guarding the borders and going after terrorists. By continuing to violate the law and court orders, they are puttting other Isreaelis at risk.

  3. Gadolhadorah,,, are you for real?
    Everyone builds a porch, extension, patio, etc. without permits and zonings,,,and only these homes are illegal????

  4. Yes, the Yasim police unit is fearless against Jews. It beats them ruthlessly. However when it comes to Arabs, it is afraid of starting with them so they can build, build and build more and more while our ‘brave’ police force occupies itself by beating up Jews.