Former Mossad Director: Gilad Shalit Is Not A Hero


When former Mossad Director Meir Dagan released his comments to a Tel Aviv conference, he was under the impression the event was not being covered by the media. Nevertheless, it was and the local press has been having a field day with the former senior intelligence community’s comments, stating “A hero, I wouldn’t exactly call Gilad Shalit a hero”.

“I’m not sure I was thrilled with the fact that Netanyahu greeted him back. It seemed problematic to me, he’s being portrayed as a hero, I would beware of such definitions.”

While not actually saying it, Dagan was most likely referring to the fact that Shalit and other members of his crew were fast asleep on that fatal day over five years ago, permitting Hamas terrorists to kill two soldiers, injure a third and take Shalit captive. This was learned when officials debriefed the soldier who was wounded in the attack, explaining they were simply caught off guard. The rest is history…

The irresponsible actions of the soldiers resulted in loss of life, much anguish for his family and the nation, and the release of 1,027 terrorists.

Dagan stressed that while the nation has no choice but to negotiate Shalit’s release, it was a most costly deal and there can be no doubt that it was wrong to release terrorists back to PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous areas, realizing many of them will return to their profession of killing Israelis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Hero or no Hero it is unfair and hurtful to make untruthful claims against him and his fellows who died and were injured on that day. The tank members were caught off guard perhaps but not fast asleep at all! Less than 5minutes before their ambush the quarter hourly check in between the command center and the tank (Panther) received a prompt and alert “alls well” response! The Kidnapping was executed in less than 8minutes…. The general apathy of the whole army base and the new realities after the recent Gaza handover were a great contributor to the unpreparedness which aided his capture. Yad Ha-Shem was of course the deciding factor – Hinei Lo Yanum Velo Yishan. Please let’s try be accurate with facts.

  2. olamhatorah- I dont profess detailed knowledge of the events prior to the kidnapping, but its kinda funny that you have knowledge that the former Mossad director doesnt. He said they were asleep. Are you saying that your investigation of the incident proved otherwise, or is your inside information based on what you read in the news?