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Is Jerusalem Police Chief Shacham Taking Revenge Against The Eida?

The word on the street in Meah Shearim is that the arrest of some of the prominent members of the Eida establishment is simply a revenge move by Jerusalem Police Chief Niso Shacham, who wishes to get back at Gavaad HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss Shlita.

Interestingly, Rav Weiss commented shortly after the arrest that his gabbai, Amram Shapira “is clean. He is pure. Why did they arrest him? They want me and if this is the case, let them come and arrest me”.

During the remand hearing Justice Dov Pollack questioned police and why Shapira was arrested since there was no evidence against him tying him to the alleged money laundering operation or the violence attributed to the sikrikim sect.

The Eida tzibur simply feels that this is a retaliatory move by the police commander after he suffered an embarrassment when the Gavaad refused to meet with him in December of last year. Rav Weiss met with lower-ranking officers, but he refused to give Shacham the photo op since he holds the commander responsible for much of the hostility against the chareidi tzibur in Yerushalayim of late.

Police Chief Yochanan Danino dismissed the validity of this theory explaining “We are not against chareidim, but we are against chareidi criminals”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. One should understand that the Eidah do not recognize the legitimacy of the Medinah. I believe they don’t accept money from the government, and are trying to continue the independent and autonomous existence they had under the British and Turks. From a Zionist perspective, this is “high treason” (in most countries, people who deny the legitimacy of the government also tend to get shot, which is why no one does so unless they are able to raise an army an oppose the state military, or at least, aid the enemies of the state whose legitimacy they deny).

    It is possible that someone in the Zionist leadership decided that they should make an effort to build up Neturei Karta by trying to prove to people why Neturei Karta’s position is actually correct, and that the Zionist state are no more than a bunch of usurpers who are entitled to no more respect than, for example, the Mafia.

  2. He may be taking revenge for the police being called “Nazis” constantly and for being stoned,attacked, cars being damaged, spit at, etc. etc.

    The Chazeirim seem to feel that they can disrespect and mistreat anyone and not eventually have to suffer the consequences. When the tables are turned they then yell “discrimination!”.

  3. Akuperma, and every Goyishe government that we are obligated to honor (kovod ha’malchus) — we are sure about them that they were founded in the kosher and yosher way? How is Israel different?

  4. Perhaps the police are not being as deferential to the Eida as they would have been without the Eida’s constant provocations against both the police and anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the Eida’s demands, but the fact that individuals running the Eida’s organizations violated the law is what gives the police the ability to arrest such individuals.

    If you are constantly looking to pick a fight, don’t run home to mommy crying when someone finally takes you on – and takes you down.

    an Israeli Yid

  5. Ichbin, the rocks thrown are instant and quick revenge when police brutality takes place, and – unfortunately -it takes place very often, the Israeli police does not handle the other criminals the way they treat the charedim, I’ve seen it many times, when the mishtara goes wild, hashem yishmerainu.
    AND, throwing rocks, or any type of violence etc. is never done by a majority, always by a few hotheads, mostly youngsters etc, and was condemned by Edah and rabbinical authorities within the charedi community many times.
    This last round of arrests is definitely some sort of retaliation for the Gaavad’s refusal to meet with the head of the violence before he sees the violence cease etc. Otherwise they wouldn’t pick up the gabbai of the gavaad, since he has nothing with the “vaad ha’artzi’ at all, and he was released because of “0” evidence..

  6. How about the theory that Neturei Karta bribed the Jerusalem police force? What better way to prove that Neturei Karta (i.e. the anti-zionist hareidim) is “right”, than for the zionists to spend considerable energy persecuting the non-zionist hareidim.

    #3- If a Jewish king is consistently acting against Torah, a strong argument can be made that one is required to overthrow him (i.e. kill, if need be). That is how the rabbanim always justified the Hashomonaim rebelling against the Misyavanim who ran Eretz Yisrael at the time (as allies and clients of the Hellenic government based in what is now Syria).

  7. #1, you are contradicting yourself. First you admit that in most countries those who advocate sedition will be shot and then you say that the NK, which besideses being dead wrong is a heretical, anti-Jewish (as evinced by their embrace of Holocaust deniers and the Iranian regime) breakaway group and not part of normative Judaism is right.

    #5, you also contradict yourself. First you claim that rock-throwing is a response to police brutality (that 417 bus was extremely brutal) and then you say that the throwers are young hot-heads whose actions are condemned by the rabbanim (the condemnation must have bben said mamash benachat as I did not hear it).

  8. Guter yid
    You try hitting, throwing rocks or spitting at police in the USA. You have no IDEA what police brutality means!

    There are numerous videos of chareidim throwing rocks and pushing and hitting police. It is not tolerated anywhere in the world and nor should it be!

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