Israel: Strike Damage Estimated at 2.3 Billion NIS Daily


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The general strike launched in Israel on Wednesday morning, February 8, 2012 at 6:00am will cost the economy 2.3 billion NIS daily if the strike includes the stock market, the daily Yisrael HaYom reports. If the strike excludes the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), including the general sector and Ben-Gurion International Airport, the damage is 800 million NIS daily.

A hearing is set in the National Labor Court for Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Histadrut national labor federation’s desire to continue with an open-ended strike, while the treasury is seeking a court back-to-work order. Presiding over the hearing will be the court’s president, Justice Nili Arad. If the court issues the back-to-work order, the damage to the economy will be curtailed to 300 million NIS.

If a full strike continues for a week, the figure would climb to 16 billion NIS while a weeklong partial public sector strike would amount to 7.6 billion NIS.

The economy is hit hardest when the airport and seaports are closed along with banks and the TASE.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is a reaction from hashem for the recently attack on the chariedim. So let them stop harassing the frum community then hashem will help and it will go away.

  2. #1 mayerfreund – It’s good to know that we have at least one Navi that we can turn to. However, I question being a Navi Sheker. Perhaps a little less confidence in your statements would be appropriate.

    This strike was based on unfair corporate work ethics. I doubt that it has any coloration to recent current events, but then again… I’m not a Navi. 😉

  3. 2.Softwords – Sorry to let you know but you are falsifying the meaning of the word Navi. It really means not something that happened in the passed but what’s in the future. In this case of so much sinas chinom, all musar sfurim write about the results and this is one of them.