Rocket Slams into Car in Beersheva (UPDATED 15:23 IL)


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14:55 IL: A katyusha rocket fired from Gaza slammed into a vehicle in the Nachal Ashron neighborhood of the city. The Iron Dome system fired at two incoming rockets but it appears one got through. There were damage and a number of people are being treated for hysteria. Baruch Hashem, light damage relatively speaking, realizing a rocket slammed down in the midst of a major city.

At least 25 rockets have been fired into southern Israel since Sunday morning.

15:05: The katyusha rocket caused damage to a private home as well. B’chasdei Hashem, there are no reports of physical injuries or loss of life.

15:15: A number of homes and vehicles were damaged. One cannot truly grasp the Yad Hashem without seeing the impact site, a street in the heart of a residential neighborhood yet the major fuss is over property damage and not worse chas v’sholom. Unfortunately, the media continues speaking of “The miracles” and the effectiveness of the Iron Dome system, but it appears they cannot say the “G” word, G-d. For those who understand what is taking place, it is clearly Yad Hashem, directing the over 130 rockets that have hit Israel since Friday night away from people and protecting the air force as pilots conduct sorties over Gaza.

A rocket landed in an open area in the Shar HaNegev regional council a few minutes ago. No injuries.

15:23: Another siren is sounding in Beersheva at this time. Rescue workers and residents at the scene of the last impact zone are running for cover. More information will be provided if required. A pregnant woman is being treated for hysteria as a result of the rocket that landed in the city about a half hour ago.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)