Rav Kanievsky: Don’t Leave Yeshivos in Rocket Areas


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Many residents of the southern areas under rocket fire from Gaza have turned to HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita to inquire if they should return home after Shabbos or if they should remain as sirens continuing wailing throughout the day. According to a Kikar Shabbat and Kol Berama Radio reports quoting the gadol hador, many questions are being directed to the rav from concerned residents seeking Daas Torah.

The rav is quoted as instructing people not to return for as long as the escalation in rocket fire continues. This was the response given to a yeshiva student as well, who was instructed to learn outside of the danger area.

The report concludes that a father whose son is currently learning in the south in an area in rocket range asked if he should bring his son home. The rav is quoted as saying “no”, not to take anyone out who is there at this time. “They should not leave. They should remain” the gadol is quoted as saying.

The school building hit in the second Beersheva strike was a yeshiva that is closed due to the IDF Homefront Command directive closing area educational institutions.

141 rockets were fired at Israel since Friday night, 76 landing in Israel, of which 37 were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Most of the others were not in range of the Iron Dome, including the tens of rockets that landed in the Gaza periphery communities. 33 rockets feel short and landed in Gaza.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



  1. charvona (no.1): Wake up, and read the article again.

    The reason the Yeshiva was destroyed was that the boys left the building.

    The whole point of the Rav is that the continued presence of the Yeshiva bochrim, learning Torah, protects ther buildings from being destroyed, as per Bnei Brak.

  2. #2 Do you think that the rocket would have hit another building, say an apartment block or a supermarket, if there had been bochurim sitting learning in the Yeshiva building, or do you think the animals in Gaza wouldn’t have fired it?

  3. #3, “HaYad Hashem Tiktzar???” And this is the “Eretz asher Hashem Elokecha Doreish Osa…”

    I’m surprised at the question. There any number of alternative outcomes, including but not limited to:
    A) The savages might have MIS-fired the rocket.
    B) The Iron Dome might have intercepted it.
    C) A “random” gust of wind might have swept it into a field instead.

    Did the Iraqi scuds of 1991 not teach this clearly enough?

    #2 (deepthinker) seems to be 100% correct, though of course only Hashem knows for sure. I do also respect the IDF’s directive from a tactical point of view, but this does not negate #2’s point.

    May Hashem keep all of Am Yisrael safe and redeem us all with the true geulah BB”A.