Tens of Thousands of Turkeys Destroyed in Israel


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align=Fearing the outbreak of bird flu in Moshav Shalva near Kiryat Malachi, Israel’s veterinary officials gave the order to destroy tens of thousands of turkeys. In addition, a quarantine was placed on that community along with surrounding communities to prevent the spread of the illness which would be devastating for the local poultry market as well as posing health concerns.

Health officials have vaccinated 50 people as well as ordering the elimination of 50,000 birds. 11,000 turkeys were destroyed in Shalva and 40,000 turkeys were destroyed in Cholit, located near Kerem Shalom in the south.

Dr. Nadav Gallon placed a quarantine of tens of kilometers on the communities in an effort to contain the situation. Health officials add humans can become infected by direct contact with infected birds, their waste product or with infected items.

Regarding ingestion of poultry, officials add that heating food over 70C (158F) will effectively destroy the germ as well so there are no concerns over eating poultry.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)