EU Steps in With Damage Control in Light of FM Ashton’s Remarks


European Union Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton came under a hail of fire for drawing an comparison between the Toulouse the terror attack  and children in Gaza.

It would appear that the amended Goldstone Report informing the international community of the truth vis-à-vis Gaza and Israel’s humanitarian aid and high moral standards are not significant for Ashton despite the fact that Goldstone’s report was commissioned by the UN.

EU officials released a statement, what is being called the “corrected version” of the foreign minister’s remarks which makes mention of the plight of children in Gaza and Sderot, while the original report only mentioned Gaza.

Ynet reports a video of Ashton’s remarks did indeed contain mention of Sderot, which was apparently omitted in the media reports.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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