Levaya of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg ZT”L [FINAL 16:58 IL – 10:58AM EST]


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The levaya for HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg ZT”L  is going to get underway soon, Wednesday, 27 Adar 5772 at Yeshiva Torah Ohr in the Kiryat Mattersdorf neighborhood of Yerushalayim. The rav was niftar late Tuesday night in Shaare Zedek Medical Center. He was admitted shortly before Shabbos.

After his petira, the meis was brought to the yeshiva and talmidim were Shomrim, reciting Tehillim throughout the night and early morning hours.

The levaya will leave the yeshiva on foot and continue walking on Sorotzkin Street via Bar Ilan Street, Shmuel HaNavi, Shimon HaTzaddik, until reaching the Chelkas Nevi’im section of Har HaZeisim, where the rosh yeshiva will be interred alongside his rebitzen ob”m

Tens of thousands of talmidim are expected to take part and join the levaya at different stages of the walk to Har HaZeisim.

10:05: Egged has stepped up service to bring people from around the country wishing to attend the levaya. Jerusalem police urge motorists to distance themselves from the levaya route and to make their way on foot or using public transportation.

Hundreds of MDA and other EMS personnel will be covering the levaya, providing basic and advanced life support care for those who need it chas v’sholom along the route from Kiryas Mattersdorf to Har HaZeisim.

10:20: REVISED LEVAYA ROUTE: Police agreed to a family request and the levaya route has been revised. Police have also agreed to permit the levaya to make its way on foot despite the fact that the levaya will interrupt major vehicular routes.

The levaya will leave Kiryas Mattersdorf via Sorotzkin, Toras Chessed, Minchas Yitzchak, Brandeis, Malchei Yisrael, Meah Shearim, Shar Shechem to Har Menuchos.

HaRosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita has instructed bnei yeshiva, bochrim and avreichim alike to take part in the levaya of the rosh yeshiva.

10:45: Tehillim have begun at the yeshiva as the tzibur is preparing for the levaya.

10:50: The body of the rosh yeshiva zt”l is being brought in. an announcement is made that anyone who has not toiveled today not to touch the meis.

Inital video from Levaya:

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 10:56: The tzibur is reciting Yud Gimmel Midos HaRachamim

11:02: Rav Elimelech Timauer has called on the tzibur to make a path to permit gedolei yisrael shlita to enter as they complete Perek 122 of Tehillim, now reciting 130.

11:03: Rav Shmuel Auerbach has arrived with the niftar’s son, HaRav Sheinberg.

 11:15: Rav Auerbach: The rav is in tears as he tries to get the words out, to express the loss that has befallen us. One is humbled and in awe to see and hear the words emerge from the mouth of this Torah giant, the tears that accompany the realization that the rosh yeshiva whose entire being was avodas Hashem is no longer among us. He speaks of how the niftar dealt with all around him, his gentle mannerisms, his love for every yid. How much yiras Shomayim he instilled in thousands and thousands of talmidim.

11:17: Rosh Yeshivas Kaminitz is about to begin as Rav Auerbach remains aside the niftar, simply crying.

11:25: He speaks of his zechusim, his love of Torah and Am Yisrael, his toiling for Torah over the years. “I too was born in the United States, 10-12 years after the niftar, and in that time, it was a miracle that one remained shomer Shabbos and mitzvos. The holy niftar was always of clear mind. I remember him from those days. He was always firm regarding an Oleh Temima – he simply never stopped learning…” His love of Torah, his ahavas HaTorah, Fear of Shomayim, his profound knowledge of Halacha, and to be a leader and a koach for so many…

11:53: Ravaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita spoke of the midos of the niftar, who is now about to join the Beis Din of the Tzaddikim of the previous generations.

He stated that as per the tzavar of the rosh yeshiva zt”l,  Rav Simcha Sheinberg Shlita, the only son of the niftar, is being appointed rosh yeshiva to follow in his father’s footsteps.

11:55: The Mashgiach Kfar Chassidim is giving a hesped.

12:00: Mashgiach HaRav Don Segal Shlita is beginning his hesped. Rishon L’Tzion HaGaon HaRav Moshe Shlomo Amar Shlita has arrived.

12:03: HaRav Don Segal cannot speak. He is too emotional. HaRav Dovid Viner, Rosh Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim will speak.

12:15: A son-in-law, HaGaon HaRav Viner, Rosh Yeshivas Chafetz Chaim: He requested mechila and instead of speaking in Hebrew or Yiddish, speaking in English for the many talmidim who do not understand the other languages. He spoke of when asked if a yeshiva talmid should learn Daf Yomi, the niftar explained the hakpoda should be on iyun, to be mekadesh kidusshim.

He speaks of the 25 years that his father-in-law served as mashgiach in Yeshivas Chafetz Chaim in the USA and had thousands of talmidim.

He continues to expound how he was a rebbe and had so many talmidim, the thousands who did not make a move without seeking his advice. He asks mechila on behalf of the entire Mishpacha for never giving the due kovod, on behalf of all the talmidim and all of AM Yisrael.

 12:22: HaGaon HaMashgiach HaRav Don Segal is giving a hesped. The mashgiach mentions we must be mechazek in learning and actions, and not chas v’sholom to have any shaiychus to a ‘machshir tomei’.

 12:40: Rosh Yeshivas Beit Matityahu, HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Ehrenfeld Shlita is giving a hesped. He is speaking of those who exhibit a yearning to earn a higher level, above the norm, one like this earns the merit of a tallis of tzitzis, stating that this reveals the neshama in the guf, the total bitul of the tangible and clinging to the spiritual. While no one knows what holy kavona the rosh yeshiva had regarding the many pairs of tzitizis, he was a living embodiment of this level.

12:50: Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita is on the way to the levaya.

13:07: HaRosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita is close to the levaya. Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita has arrived as has HaGaon HaRav Usher Weiss Shlita, as well as the Mir rosh yeshiva shlita.

13:15: A grandson – When the Brisker ZT”L was alive, he referred to the young Rav Pinchos as a lamden. I recall how in the Catskills he would get up to daven neitz, and then sat under his tree and learned for 12 hours without interruption, without a chavrusa. I used to wonder why he did not go swimming, but for him, it was all learning Torah.

13:15: HaRosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita has left due to the heat and overcrowded condition.

HaGaon HaRav Simcha Shlita, the niftar’s son is now speaking.

13:22: Everyone of the talmidim can tell a story, an entire chapter. In Europe, at age 5, he would close the shoelaces of the grandfather because it was too hard, and said ‘I will go with you to shul’. His grandfather said “you know, one day all Klal Yisrael will stand before him. He will be great’. By the time he left a yeshiva at age 16, he made a siyum on Shas.

13:25: Others explained that his place on the bench in beis medrash was worn out due to his hasmoda. He later became mashgiach in Yeshivas Chafetz Chaim, and his love was poured into each and every talmid – his chidushim, his midos, his dedication… He was unyielding in his war for kedushas Hashem and his Torah… There were literally thousands of talmidim… Simply an ‘eved Hashem’ with all his entity and his being. This is for certain.

He had the unique qualities to connect to each and every one and to determine the needs of each and every talmid. Today Baruch Hashem, many of the talmidim are spreading Torah.

13:37: Rav Simcha acknowledges the many close friends who came from abroad, Rav Fivie Katz and Rav Shimi Shenker and the many who wished to come and could not. Thanks to the many many baalei achsanya who hosted him so warmly and assisted his touching thousands and thousands with his words and advice. And now we hope and pray that HKBH will assist us in continuing. He kept the building up, his strength, his kedusha, his Torah. But all of this aside, each day those who took care of him, his needs, and here we must mention Rav Assa who gave his entire life, he should have a refuah. Day and day he took the rosh yeshiva around, ignoring his own home. And all those who kept that daily connection, they ask to remain anonymous but they and we know who they are, those who took care of him, including HaGaon HaTzaddik Rav Moshe Schlesinger who had an amazing connection with the rosh yeshiva. I can continue, Rav Moshe Lewis, the talmidim, and I can go on – you are all loved and all special. The talmidim and head of the chaburah. The gedolei torah. (begins listing names). Rav Zelig, R’ Pertez, R’ Tzuker. I want to mention that without these people, the daily mesirus nefesh, the yeshiva would not be standing. There is no day or night for them, always worrying about the yeshiva. I must mention with all my koach my older sister Frummi, who was always there. All the sisters were there, all beloved.

You are now heading to HKBH, before the Thrown. You have so many merits and kedusha. Not many know just how much you have to give. May we merit the redemption…

You always said if one wishes to know who is great, see what he does during bein hazimanim. If one wishes to be a gadol b’torah, he must never cease. Baruch Hashem, now you are back with our beloved mamma… May we merit the go’el tzedek!

13:40: The hespeidim has concluded and mechila is being asked in the name of all the talmidim.

The route announced at this time is via Sorotzkin Street by foot Toras Chessed, Minchas Yitzchak, Brandeis, Malchei Yisrael, Meah Shearim, Har HaZeisim, to the chelkas Nevi’im. There are buses available. The levaya is going by foot. Tziduk Hadin is being recited.

13:49 IL: The hespeidim for HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg ZATZAL have ended and the body of the rosh yeshiva is being carried out at a height over the heads of the participants in the levaya to prevent anyone who has not gone to mikve today from touching the meis.

There is a significant amount of shouting and confusion as the tzibur is packed in and they cannot get the levaya moving. The plan is to complete kvura before shekiyah, which in Yerushalayim is 17:53.

YWN-ISRAEL will bring intermittent updates from along the levaya route as it makes it way from Kiryas Mattersdorf to Har HaZeisim.

14:10 IL: Police official Eli Levy reports that levaya is approaching Malchei Yisrael Street and it will soon be closed in both directions. Levy explains police are closing streets as necessary, and they are in constant touch with Egged. People wishing to be up-to-date are advised to get in touch with Egged information he explains.

Levy predicts that at this pace, the levaya will take another 2.5 – 3 hours. When asked to give an official estimate of how many attended, he replied “over 20,000”.

14:54 IL: The Sanzer Rebbe Shlita has come from Netanya and is taking part in the levaya. He has been part of the levaya for about and hour. The Belzer Rebbe Shlita, who is walking, escorted by hundreds of chassidim, is also taking part in the levaya.

It is now being reported the Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita did not make it inside the levaya at Yeshivas Torah Ohr due to the overcrowded conditions. The gadol hador had a close relationship with the niftar, Rav Sheinberg zt”l.

15:10 IL: Kol Chai Radio correspondents walking the levaya route from Kiryas Mattersdorf to Har HaZeisim stated at 15:00 that police estimates of “over 20,000” people taking part in the funeral of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg ZT”L were “highly under exaggerated”.

The reports according to Kol Chai is between 50,000 – 60,000 thousand people are walking or silently observing the procession, stating Geula, Meah Shearim and surrounding areas are a “sea of black”.

16:32 IL: The levaya of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg is approaching Har HaZeisim, now in the Shar Shechem (Damascus Gate) area. The procession will be making its way towards the Continental Hotel and then to the Nevi’im area of the har for kvura.

A police chopper remains hovering overhead and EMS officials reports 45 people have required first aid assistance. Kol Chai Radio reports over 50,000 people are taking part in the levaya.

16:49: The levaya is at Har HaZeisim and there is an extremely heavy police presence. There are about 1,000 or less people in the actual cemetery area as many people who were taking part in the levaya have broken away.

The area of the kvura is very close to the chelkas Admorei Nadvorna zt”l.

16:54: The Erlau Rebbe Shlita arrived a short time ago. Police are instructing Chevra Kadisha officials to pick up the pace, seeking to move the levaya along.

There are mounted units that have cleared the streets. This area is particularly worrisome for police and everything possible appears to be in place to prevent any disturbance or worse as local Arabs regularly attack people coming to Har HaZeisim.

16:58: The rosh yeshiva zt”l is being lowered into the kever as Yud Gimmel Midos is being recited.

The Kvura of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg is coming to an end.

Kaddish is now being recited. About 1,000 people are taking part in this last stage of the levaya.

Yehi Zichro Baruch


(YWN Israel – Desk)


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