Wife of Lakewood Township Committeeman Steven Langert Donating Kidney To Queens Woman


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Sharon, the wife of Lakewood Township Committeeman Steven Langert (former Mayor of Lakewood, NJ), a mother of 5, is donating a kidney to Orly, from Queens, NY. Even though it is so close to Pesach, Sharon has agreed to donate now, as to help Orly avoid the need of going on dialysis (which she would have needed to to undergo already had the transplant not happened now). Orly, a mother of a young girl, will IY”H get a new life because of Sharon’s amazing selfless act.

B”H, kidney transplants have a great success rate. However there needs to be Siyata Dishmaya that it be successful. Please take a minute to say tehillim for the success of the transplant.

Donor: Shifra Rachel Bas Bracha Michla.
Recipient: Orly bas Sarah.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you for the good news; hatlacha.

    Please help save a life: A mother of four, already on dialysis 3 years, desperately needs a kidney. Blood type O.

    Please call Renewal: 718-431-9831
    Reference number: #R158

  2. Kudos to Sharon!!!! Wow! You are an inspiration. May you be well and have arichus yomim.
    A fellow Baltimorean
    PS There was someone in Baltimore who donated for a friend a couple years ago and she is doing great, as is the recipient.

  3. For those who don’t already know, The Langerts are SPECIAL people. They spend many hours a day doing things for other people. They give from their money & time to help people that they don’t even know. This amazing act of chesed on Mrs. Langert’s (and her family’s) part is just a manifestation of that.