‘Kashering R Us’ Back for their 7th Year in Lakewood


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PESACH IS ALMOST HERE! There is a seemingly endless list of things to do before yom tov begins. The most challenging task for most people is kashering the kitchen.

By now most people know the benefits of using an electric immerser for kitchen sinks. Often throughout the year we pour boiling chometz in our sinks, soup,pasta etc. By boiling water in the sink, you most likely turn the sink into a kli rishon which will kasher it from any possible chometz contact (ncluding a dvar gush which has a din kli rishon). Sink inserts often cause backups from your pipes and actually create chometz issues,with our method of bringing the water to a rolling boil in the sink, there is no need for a sink insert!

Regardless if you have a granite counter (with an under mount sink ) or Formica counter (with an over mount sink) we can kasher for you.

The Rabbonim and Poskim recommend this method as the best possible way to Kasher your sinks. Kashering R Us provides a unique service where they’ll come to your house and kasher your sinks for you. All is done through the guidance of Rabbanim who have used our service as well.We serve New York, New Jersey and Baltimore.

To set up an appointment please call 848-444-8922 or 732-901-5322