PHOTOS:1 Dead & Others Injured When Light Collapses On Mt. Herzl Stage [UPDATED 15:48PM IL]


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At least 1 person is dead, and others injured, when a lighting fixture on a stage came crashing down during rehearsal for Memorial Day and Independence Day events at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

Ambulances are operating on the scene at this time.

The fatality is reportedly a female in her 20s, who has been pronounced dead on the scene.

Earlier reports stated that the stage had collapsed, but those reports were incorrect, but a lighting fixture on the stage came crashing down.

The condition of the additional injured are still not known.

UPDATED 15:48PM IL: According to a technician on the scene at Mt. Herzl, a lighting bridge structure that was overhead came crashing down and it was actually most fortunate that the outcome was not worse R”L. The technician states this refers to a major construction that simply came down on all sides of the stage as rehearsals were ongoing.

The piece that fell is said to have been about 100 meters long. Many soldiers were there and they saw it beginning to fall and Baruch Hashem, they got out of the way in time.

EMS reports that there appears to be 1 fatality, 1 serious, and numerous injured lightly, apparently about 10 individuals.

Police and other officials are on the scene. The tragedy is already placing a question mark on the planned ceremonies for both Memorial Day and Independence Day, observed next week.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by News 24.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Not so much a FIXTURE as a STAGE LIGHTING RIG, which is a very large, heavy piece of infrastructure. It could have crushed dozens of people.