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Statement By President Obama On Israeli Independence Day

Sixty-four years ago, the United States became the first country in the world to recognize the State of Israel–the realization of a modern day state in the historic homeland of the Jewish People. Since that momentous day, the special bond of friendship between the United States and Israel has grown stronger. Ours is a unique relationship founded on an unbreakable commitment to Israel’s security, and anchored by our common interests and deeply held values. These values continue to enlighten and guide our efforts as we work with Israel, as well as with others in the region, to confront shared challenges and to achieve a just and comprehensive peace based on a two-state solution that will usher in a future of peace, security, and dignity for the people of Israel and its neighbors.

Today, as Israelis celebrate their 64th Independence Day and their remarkable achievements over the past six decades, it gives me great pleasure to extend my best wishes, and the best wishes of the American people, to President Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the people of Israel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. In reality there is no such thing as ‘Israeli independence’ because Israel is merely a client state of The United States, a kind of Puerto Rico except with a large military. So much so that President Obama can openly snub Netanyahu by referring first to president Peres who we all know is only the ceremonial leader.

  2. Well Mr. President, your history with Israel and the Jewish ppl says that you mean just the opposite when you say “it gives me great pleasure to extend my best wishes, and the best wishes of the American people, to President Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the people of Israel” Jews aint stupid Mr. President, we remember that its election time and its just words from you…

  3. it would be nice if the President of the United States gets his facts right. the US was NOT the first country to recognize Israel, Russia was.

  4. If only he declared America’s intention to veto any attempt by the Arabs to declare a state. Oh, wait, he did. And that killed the attempt. But no, he is not a supporter of Israel.

    Come one, all you haters, the man is wishing Israel a happy birthday. Just say thanks and stop with all the hating.

  5. #2- 1) In Israel, the President outranks the Prime Minister. The office is derived from the British Monarch, and is the nominal “Head of State.” It is therefore appropriate that Obama addressed Peres,since they are equal. A Prime Minister is the senior cabinet member.

    2) American didn’t support Israel prior to July 1967. Israel was considered “neutral” in the Cold War

    3) Israel could survive without American aid, but it would be more challenging and messier. American involvement means the Israeli can play “softball”. American involvement in restraining both sides is probably why they’ve had a small war with few casulties (measures in thousands, not millions), and all sides have been prospering in spite of 60+ years of warfare.

  6. besalel

    We are not haters at all.. Look at his Israel/Jewish reputation/history till very recent, (till the election time started) that speaks for it self. No body disrespected an Israeli official (and later indirectly apologized) like he did because of the pressure he got.

    I’d suggest to you “besalel” b4 calling people haters pls know the facts. The facts are out there, and people remember.

    I truly hope that he will loose the election. To give u a little example, before he became president, he blamed President Bush on everything even on gas prices well,, we pay now around $4.00 Per Gallon.

    With all due respect to the president, he’s nothing but a great speaker.

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