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Monsey: Massive Blaze Destroys Home; 4-Year-Old Child Left Home Alone May Have Started Blaze [PHOTOS]

An inferno ripped through a private home on West Central Avenue, Friday afternoon. The fierce blaze destroyed the home, and according to initial report by investigators, it may have been started by a 4-year-old child left home alone. Ramapo Detective Sgt. John Lynch says the fire may have been started when the child was playing with matches.

The child was reportedly found in a daze, on the front lawn of the home, by a former fire chief who happened to be driving past and saw the blaze.


7 Responses

  1. If the parents did leave the boy at home himself, they should be arrested and have their rights over the child revoked

  2. Let’s not jump to conclusions here. The child may have been left in the care of an older sibling who, for whatever reason, wasn’t as responsible as he or she should have been. However, if it was the parents’ fault, they should be investigated by DYFS and, if need be, the necessary steps should be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the kids.

  3. Too many of these stories about irresponsible parents–both yidden and goyim–leaving children alone or in the care of older siblings. Impossible to understand how any parent can be so reckless, especially for yiddeshe yinglach.

  4. #5, and then their kids won’t be under their irresponsible parents care so that another tragedy will be avoided, genius

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