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Arab MK Addresses the Knesset in Arabic

MK (Ta’al) Talab el-Sana on Monday, addressed a session of Knesset but this time, he opted to speak in Arabic, his mother tongue. He simply took advantage of the final moments of the outgoing 18th Knesset.

In response to the Arab MK’s address criticizing the government, MK (Ichud HaLeumi) Prof. Aryeh Eldad spoke and stated he plans to introduce a bill that will compel speakers in the plenum to address the forum in the national language only, Hebrew.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. Arabic has been an official language since the beginning. Given that it is the mother language of 20% of Israel’s citizens, it would be rather rude no to allow it.

  2. Why did he do that? Perhaps the yiddish speaking MKs should speak in yiddish, so no one can understand them, and wonder exactly what they are saying.
    I’m assuming there was some sort of translator?

  3. To No. 2

    I suspect there are a lot more MKs who are fluent in Arabic than Yiddish. In either case, I think MKs should address the Knesset only in Ivrit, lashon hakodesh and the lashon of EY.

  4. # 1 The mother language of the Hebrews is Hebrew. Anyone who disagree than he has a big problem. This is a jewish State

  5. #5 Ivrit is NOT Lashon hakodesh. It has become (at least the way it is used in daily speech) a perverted, course, imitation first adopted by some of the early zionists (herzl ym”sh assumed that German would prevail) to pretend that they are Jewish enough by living in the land and speaking the language.

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