Tuesday: The Latest ‘Scoop Network’ Headlines (Flatbush, Boro Park, Monsey)


The following are the latest headlines (05/15/12) on FlatbushScoop.com, BoroParkScoop.com, and MonseyScoop.com – all affiliates of YWN:

The most recent site in the “Scoop Network” to have been launched is MonseyScoop.com. It was launched approximately three months ago, with thousands of readers already logging on each day for the latest local news around Monsey. FlatbushScoop.com and BoroParkScoop.com have recently passed their one year anniversary, with Boruch Hashem, great success.

CatskillScoop.com will be re-launched once again for the summer of 2012, with an expected launch date around Shavuos.


BREAKING: Fatal Shooting On E 36 & Flatbush Ave [6:15PM]

VIDEO: Congressman Bob Turner Makes Some Interesting Comments At Flatbush Fundraiser

Levaya Of R’ Yitzchok Itzkowitz Z”L

Shooting On Brighton Court & Ocean Parkwy

PHOTOS: Bensalem Kollel Parlor Meeting

18 Cops Added To Help Patrol 61 Precinct; Assemblywoman Thanks

TUESDAY – An Evening With Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

PHOTOS: MVA On Ocean Ave & Ave M


Lawmakers Urge Community To Sign Petition To Free Jacob Ostreicher‏

PHOTOS: Skulener Rebbe Visits Bobover Rebbe About Upcoming CitiField Asifa

PHOTOS: Karlin Stolin Yeshiva Dinner

Lutheran Medical Center Receives $6 Million Grant

VIDEO: An Anti Simcha Felder Video Released

PHOTOS: School-Bus MVA On 16 Ave & 43 St


Noise Barriers For Tappan Zee Bridge Construction To Be Considered

Monsey: Voter Intimidation Planned by Union-Backed Tax-Hiking Environmentalists in Tuesday’s Elections

PHOTOS: Monsey Chaverim Catches 3 Burglars Wanted For Rash Of Break-Ins

New City: Landlord Charged With Stealing Money From Tenants

PHOTOS: MVA At 22 N Main Street

PHOTOS: Ramapo PD Involved In MVA On Langrese Rd & Route 306

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)