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Ulpana Vote May Boomerang on Chareidi Draft

Coalition Whip (Likud) MK Ze’ev Elkin was interviewed by Kikar Shabbat, explaining that the upcoming issue of the new Tal Law may be the forum used by the right-wing to strike back against chareidi MKs for not supporting the bill to save the Ulpana homes in Beit El.

KS: Did the chareidim betray you in the Ulpana vote?

“I don’t accept the description and even more, the betrayal. In voting, one signals one’s beliefs, therefore, it is not a personal issue. They acted as instructed to by their rabbonim and therefore, I have nothing against them personally. It is no secret that Degel HaTorah MKs act as instructed by their rabbonim” Elkin explained.

Nevertheless, Elkin stressed the chareidim made a mistake. “I think they erred since one of the issues involved in this vote was the Knesset’s right to intervene after the High Court issues a ruling. Therefore, in the eyes of MKs Moshe Gafne and Uri Maklev, according to their vote, they supported the view that once the High Court rules the Knesset may not intervene”.

“I believe when this is applied to the debates surrounding the Tal Law, the other side will remember how Gafne and Maklev voted on the Ulpana Bill and ask ‘what is the difference here regarding the Tal Law’”?

He went on to explain by defeating the bill in Knesset, “The Knesset bowed its head to the High Court of Justice and accepted it as the supreme authority and has waived its right to legislate whether regarding the Ulpana Bill or Tal Law”.

Regarding the Plesner Committee which continues to meet in an effort to hammer out the new law that will govern chareidi draft into the IDF, Elkin stated “Matters such as these are addressed by agreement, not coercion or confrontation”.

“Today, the numbers [of chareidim] in the IDF and national service continue to increase, and I think that if we act wisely, this trend will increase, but if we go head-to-head, in my opinion, the results will not be impressive. On the other hand, the leadership of the chareidi tzibur must understand it too must take a step forward since the High Court, political community and the nation at large are of the opinion the current situation may not continue”.

When asked if he believes if Shas and Yahadut HaTorah will break away from the coalition over the Plesner Committee and Tal Law, he responded “I really hope this will not be the case. Their presence in the coalition is important and I will do my utmost to prevent this from occurring”.

Elkin expressed criticism against Shas and Yahadut HaTorah for refusing to send representatives to sit on the Plesner Committee. He feels that since they opted not to be part of it, they do not have any influence on the decisions that will be made.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. Degel did the right thing. The Torah does not justify taking land illegaly. It is forbiden to steal. Also Rav Shach was against all settelment building. Rav Shteinman took the moral if unpopular stand.

  2. If the government goes through with drafting hareidim, and no radical changes are made in the army (ending conscription of women, making all units follow a frum schedule, etc.), the “Neturei Karta” option will again be in play (for the first time in 60 years). Under that options, chareidim would again (for the first time since De Haan was shot) be offering to deal directly with the Arabs. While such a deal could involve preserving the settlements (in return for giving up sovereignity), it would not help their position to take a strong stand on the matter now. Furthermore, the settlers have a strong incentive to support conscription of hareidim since the settlers current policy is one of favoring permanent warfare with the Arabs, and being a “chicken hawk” (pro-war, but not when it comes to me personally getting killed) is never a good position.

  3. True to the breed, the RZs are preparing to use force to avenge the Jews’ “betrayal” of their last attempt to use force (the building at “ulpena”). Do they think this will be the last act in the drama? The Jews will respond but not with force. They have Torah on their side.

  4. #3 talks about Jews as if they somehow didn’t have a Yiddishe Neshama! What a shocking display of sinas chinam and a terrible tragedy that Yeshiva World provides such comments a platform. Clearly Torah is NOT on your side!

    Let the dati leumi do what they want, but in the end (and here’s a reminder for everyone), it will be Hashem’s will that takes place. If that means more in the frum community pulling their weight with national service and pikuach nefesh, then all the better. If that means Ulpana gets moved a few hundred yards away then all the better. Hashem decides, period.

  5. Crazyman, stealing is exactly what is happening to these people. Their homes are being stolen from them. And you support it. Shame on you.

  6. used by the right-wing to strike back against chareidi MKs for not supporting the bill to save the Ulpana homes in Beit El.

    Most of their own MKs stayed away from the vote! And Eichler and the Shas non-ministers voted for the bill. So how can they complain?

  7. apukerma and allies: Your suppostions are in the realm of fantasy. Ultimately, there will be a compromise on the (possible) “new” Tal law. The chassidische part of chareidi Jewry in Israel will not abandon the hundreds of thousands of jews living in the settlements and in Eretz yisroel. They will craft a compromise. Degel Hatorah (TWO seats) and their supporters will find themselves on the outside- and it will darn cold out there.

  8. #1, the land was bought in good faith. “Peace Now” went out and found an Arab who was willing to claim ownership and the Court ordered the eviction without hearing the merits of the case or giving the resients a chance to present arguments.
    #2, that’s nonsense. There is a state and nobody will take them seriously. This is good for them as otherwise they could be found guilty of treason.
    #3, there was no force used in building the houses. It was all done legally and above-board.

  9. The land was not taken illegally.

    As for dealing directly with the Arabs, you can deal with them now. Move to Egypt or Libya. See how that works out.

    Torah is on the side of those who do what Hashem says.

  10. If Elkin is right than once again we can ask ourselves:

    “What would we do with out Chareidim in the Kneset…” I think the answer is were better off with out that.
    The MK’s can NEVER do anything right in that capacity. The whole thing a terrible mistake.

  11. Breslever, please read up on the 1902 treachery. Since then, the RZs are allied with the erev rav chilonim as a collective and as individuals. They have separate dress, a separate language, separate places of learning and saying prayers, and separate gedolim r”l who pasken against daas Torah. They tamper with the davening, with shmitta, with eruvin, with kashrus, what not? Now they’re allying with the chilonim to uproot Yiddishkeit with their army. Where do you stand on all this?

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