Israel: Taliban Mom Set to be Released on Sunday


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After serving a four-year prison term, the so-called “Taliban Mom” is set to be released on Sunday, 27 Sivan 5772, the daily Maariv reports. The mother was sent to prison after being convicted of harming her children, including putting cigarettes out on their extremities.

The report states the mom decided to segregate herself from other prisoners due to her strict religious lifestyle, and as a result of her unwillingness to eat the food provided, was hospitalized on a number of occasions for malnutrition and other maladies. She also kept a taanis dibur quite often as she did her utmost to maintain her lifestyle as she felt necessary.

Upon her release, she will be permitted to meet with 11 of her 12 children. Her 14-year-old daughter has been removed from her custody prior to her imprisonment, the report states.

The report quotes friends of the Taliban Mom as stating she plans to return to her husband where they hope to live with their children in Beit Shemesh. Her attorney told the press “she is not angry at anyone and she simply wishes to live in peace and quiet, adding that his client feels the imprisonment was Hashem’s decree.

It was her arrest back in 2008 that brought the matter of the Shawl Women to the media spotlight. She was suspected of abusing her children and based on the testimony of four of her children; a criminal indictment was handed down. The indictment spoke of horrific abuse, including low voltage electrocution, cigarettes, being hit with belts, starvation and other forms of abuse and torture.

In addition, explaining to the court that she felt she may not expose her face even to her family for reasons of modesty, many of the children have not seen their mother’s face for a number of years prior to her imprisonment.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why is this nutcase being allowed to have ANY contact with her children? She should be in a mental hospital not treated as if she was a “normal” woman who just happened to follow a more conservative view of Tzinius.

  2. HaShem Ya’azor! Who needs this perverted mother out on the streets? I feel so bad for her children who are growing up in a perverted envirnment – I also see a few kids looking like this in Meah Shareem. I hope that they can break away from this cult and be normal.

  3. “Low voltage electrocution”? Electrocution means killing by means of electricity. If the children are alive, they weren’t electrocuted.

  4. This should help us remember that the push for more modesty and stringency in areas of Tznius, that often appears as a legitimate desire to be frum and correct does not always derive from “heiliege”, motivations. This is a fact worth contemplating.

  5. ” . She was suspected of abusing her children and based on the testimony of four of her children; a criminal indictment was handed down. The indictment spoke of horrific abuse,including low voltage electrocution,cigarettes, being hit with belts,starvation and other forms of abuse and torture.”

    1. Why is she being let out of prison so quickly?

    2. Why is she being allowed to be near her children?!

  6. the husband is problably as crazy as she!
    The poor children should have been taken away from that home when this situation was disscovered and put in normal kind religious foster homes and be adopted by normal reiligious people, and for these children to never have contact with their birth parents.
    Unfortunately, most children who wer abused, become abusers as they grow older.

  7. #6 Please keep in mind that these are the author’s personal translations of a hebrew report. We both know what the author intended to convey.

    The Israeli Authorities often try to be very careful when dealing with taking children away from parents. The courts consult with experts and invest an incredible amount in ongoing support for the children in question including therapy years later should they decide to want to meet their birth parents. I’m sure that the courts are taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the children.

  8. It means she gave them little electric shocks not enough to kill , but probBiy hurt a great deal. How could they let her see her kids. Their testimony put her in jail!! I

  9. crazykanoiy:

    I dont know where you live but where I live the skirts are going up above the knee and sheitels are going down, way down! Tznius is definitely something we need to contemplate and correct. This mother — if the allegations against her are indeed true — or mothers who put cigarettes out on their children (??!) have nothing to do with tznius. The issue of covering your face like the arabs do is ridiculuos imho but i think that it is an extreme reaction to the lack of tznius today and could stem from good intentions albeit misguided ones.

  10. I really hope that this woman received psychiatric counseling in jail and that she will not resume her previous behavior. I do not understand why she is being allowed access to her children, there seems to be a lot of information being left out of this story. She also is the leader of a group of about fifty women in the BS area, and they even have their own school.

  11. It is ossur to cover her face like she does; and we learn it from Tamar & Yehuda

    What on earth are you talking about? It is certainly not ossur. There is no such halacha, and one certainly couldn’t learn one from there. The gemoroh says Tomor used to cover her face when she lived with Yehudah, so when he saw her on the road he didn’t recognise her. And it praises her for this extreme tznius.

  12. #13 Yiddishemishpacha,

    Perhaps the skirts are going up and the shaitels are going down because the extreme Tznius standards being promoted seems impossible to keep. It is a classic case of “tofasta meruba lo tofasta” If Tznius was taught as Halacha and not laden with excessive “chumras” many more Bnos Yisrael would adhere to it.

    My point is that the trend to be more tznisdik is not necessarily coming from a “kedusha” source. Quite to the contrary many radical Muslims who are not motivated by “kedusha” insist that there wives adhere to extreme standards and so too the “Jewish Taliban” and “Almost Jewish Taliban” ladies.

  13. BH
    These women are tsadikiot. We do not consider the report of Israel’s heretic police, in order to judge a fellow Jew. All this nonsense about cigarettes and electric shocks is all a lie. It is the same type of lie as when Jews were accused of using christian blood in the matzos. All of you who are so quick to condemn this righteous and modest woman, should read and study Pirkey Avot, “Judge everyone favorably.”

    The real problem to Judaism is the so called “modern-orthodox” movements where the wigs have become the same type of wigs as the prostitutes wear, and the clothes became the same type of European clothes that the SS women wore. These women that are turning back to the traditions of our mothers are someone we should admire and praise.