REAL ‘FAKE NEWS?!’ Trump Golf Clubs Display Fake Time Mag Cover


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A Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump hangs on the walls of at least four of the president’s golf clubs, in Florida, Virginia, Ireland and Scotland.

But closer inspection reveals that the March 1, 2009, cover is false.

The Washington Post investigated and reported Tuesday that Time had no magazine cover with that date, nor had the publication featured Trump on its cover at any time in 2009.

Is the president who railed against “fake news” as recently as Tuesday decorating his clubs with phony magazine covers?

A Time spokeswoman confirmed for the Post that the cover in question is not real. Representatives for the Trump Organization and the White House declined to comment.

It was unclear who produced the phony magazine cover, or why.



  1. “It was unclear who produced the phony magazine cover, or why.”

    Not a big mystery. The “who” was obviously some Trump PR person who thought they needed to provide some “phony visuals” to support the Trumpkopf’s inflated ego and his lies about having appeared on the cover of Time Magazine “many times” (Note: it was only once about 20+ years ago). As to the “why”, again no mystery. Trump is the most insecure egomaniac ever in American political history. Did anyone watch that disgusting display at a cabinet meeting a few weeks ago where he went around the room demanding that everyone at the table tell the TV cameras “what a blessing it was” to have the privilege of working for him etc. Only General Mattis (DOD) has the backbone to say what a privilege it was to work on behalf of the people of America (not for Trump). His nonstop tweeting about how great he is and what he has achieved (much of it demonstrably false) is consistent with these phony time magazine covers.

  2. I have attended several bar mitzvah celebrations (non-frum) at which guests could get their photographs taken and printed on fake magazine covers, including Time magazine. I wonder whose Bar M party Trump attended to get that phony cover? Maybe Jared’s?

  3. Anyone can get a fake Time magazine cover made and keep it in their home or office for novelty purposes. Are they all the worst people who ever lived, like koton hador above is insinuating?

  4. I find it quite amusing how some Jews expect the President to act like a person that will never do anything wrong.
    And because President Trump has an ego,and a way of words,he becomes bad?!
    Is it our job as Jews to rate the President?!
    Is it really a threat our Yiddishkeit,that President Trump cannot speak calmly and act like President Obama or President Bush??!!
    At the end of the day,Hashem wants him there,and it is about time,those Jews accept it,and move on already.

  5. I see nothing wrong with Trump’s posting the fake Time cover. When I got on a fake Time cover for being the world’s greatest colo-rectal surgeon, I hung it in my office. Too bad I was an accountant.

  6. seriously like the earlier comment multiple people so get fake magazine covers for themselves or gifts ….not a big deal….what the liberal left doesn’t get is that while Trump is flawed we actually know what those flaws which is part of the reason he won the election as where other politicians put on this ” I’m perfect front” and we at times find out later how damaging those hidden flaws can be…..ill take what I know over what I don’t any day of the week.